Double booked by AirBnb

So I got two bookings last night, one for tonight one for tomorrow night. I have multiple listings on the same house that have linked calendars as not to be overbooked. The listings are for different rooms, I lock off the other rooms to make it cheaper, essentially offering 1 bed 1 bath in my 3/2 cabin. I usually open up the room listings on Fridays if not booked. So The bookings came in and I went to VRBO and Booking to update the calendars just in case they did not refresh in time and when I got back to Air I had another booking for a different room tonight. I went in and checked and indeed the calendars are linked, this should not have happened. The two bookings were two minutes apart

I called Air and they cancelled the second guest and gave him a coupon towards another place, not sure how much.

So just a heads up for those of us with linked listings, it does not always go as planned.