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Don't know when guest is arriving


Hi Everyone

I don’t know if you can reply to me directly, but, I have a guest arriving today, and even after three requests, I don’t know when he’s coming.

I’ve got kids in camp, ballet, I work 2 jobs… between my husband and I we can always have someone home when a guest arrives, but not if we don’t know when they are coming.

Anyone have any suggestions? I contacted air last night to ask what I should do but have not heard a response.

The guest’s phone number is not provided. I have no other way to contact him. Also, he’s coming with his wife and his wife’s child. I have no idea if the kid is 18, 15, or 18 months old. Not a deal breaker but helpful to know.



Do you know if Air has access to the guest’s phone number. How did you contact Air? If you emailed then I would pick up the phone and call them. Even if the guest does not provide us the phone number, I would surely hope that Air requires that info before accepting payment. I only noticed recently that the phone number has not been listed. I think this is just a way of Air not wanting us to contact the guest after their stay. That way they have to book directly through the system.

Over what time frame have the three requests been made? I sometimes don’t hear anything back from guests when they are planning to arrive early.

Five stars for each category, but four stars overall? What am I missing?

Don’t know why you don’t get the number. As soon as I receive a booking, I’m provided with both a phone number and email address for each guest.
It makes sense for Airbnb to not provide these prior to a confirmed booking but if you haven’t been provided with it after a booking I would certainly insist that AirBnb provides that.
I can only assume that if your guest didn’t reply, they may have been en-route. I am based in Australia and many of my guests are from Europe and the U.S. It’s a very long trip and they’re usually out of contact for about 24 hours prior to their arrival.
Hope that it panned out okay.


HI dcmooney,

We had that situation once. We left a message via the Airbnb inbox, texted the guest and tried to call her. It turned out that she had her phone turned off as she was traveling. She showed up while my husband and I were both at work, saw that nobody was home and called. Fortunately, my husband was able to leave work and let her in. If you are able to leave work you can do the same. If you’re not able to leave work I would leave a message on the Airbnb inbox explaining what time you’ll be home. If your guest arrives to find nobody home, he or she will probably check the Airbnb inbox.


Well, the guest never showed up, it was a three day stay so I got paid for all the days. I thought I would be a bit happy to have a break and get ‘money for nothin’ but actually it was quite distressing to have someone just drop off the face of the earth without a word.

Has this ever happened to any of you - the guest never shows and you never hear anything?

We were laughing that he is an Economist so you’d think he’d keep tighter tabs on his money.

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