Don't ever loosen boundaries

Oh my God. I cannot wait until this woman leaves.

One more lesson - do not ever loosen boundaries for any reason. I had no idea she was nuts when she got here but I’m now convinced.

Constantly going on about how she knows nothing about computers - asks my 15 year old, while I’m gone, to help her with her computer. Well nobody could’ve fixed this thing. Then she blames my kid. Omg. That’s the end of that. I tell my kid to avoid her.

Soon I find her groceries in the kitchen drawers. Lol. She’s really making herself at home. I just put them on the counter. Why make a big deal out of it?

Then she can tell that my child is not too happy with her. So she loses her keys, and accuses my kid of having picked them up for some reason. WTF? Why on earth would the kid do that? What planet does this woman live on? Then she checks her car again after I help her as best I can and guess what? They’re in her car. Really?

Is it because she dropped them? No. Is it because they fell out of her purse? No. It’s because her dead mother and sister hated her and they did something mystical.

She wants to hire someone to assist her with some paperwork. She wants to bring them here. Nope. Not happening. She questions this. Dude, it’s my house. Everyone else has gotten that except this crazy person.

Leaves her dog here while she goes places. WTF?

Wants to use the hot tub tonight. Yippy skippy. She turns the heater on around 7pm. Pays the fee. Great.

I go to my friend’s house to visit around 730. Somewhere around 2 hours later she texts me that she can’t get it to work. 2 hours? And the heater’s been on the whole time. I get home around 1030. SHE STILL HASN’T GOTTEN INTO THE TUB.

Now here’s the kicker, she was a host with Air. Hahahahahaha. She had to de-list because her landlord took her to court.

Cannot wait until she leaves. And I will never, ever loosen a single boundary ever again.

Thanks for listening. Just needed to whine.


I hope you review her honestly!

Quite honestly, I’d be really disturbed and distressed to have any guest interact with my child in a negative way. After all, this person is really a complete stranger to you.

That she did Air in violation of her lease tells you all you need to know. Was the court matter something other than the eviction she deserved?


I don’t know. Didn’t ask. Can’t kick her; no violation of house rules.

I just talked to my kid about the guest probably needing medication. That
she’ll be leaving soon and what have we learned? I told my kid that she
should avoid guests as much as possible going forward, other than being


Commiserations. I’m sorry this is happening xx

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How much longer is she there for? Im so sorry for you

Honestly, I would open a case with air now. Just call them to ‘voice your concerns and get their input’. You do not want this woman in your house. Tell them all the crazy details. Especially about the dead mom doing something with the keys. From my experience, she’s not going to get better. She is in or on the edge of a break. Please let them know your concerns.

This can be useful down the road if things really go wrong. They see that you ‘reached out’ for assistance and advice, not just to get her the hec our of your space.

How old is your child? Lots of life lessons for kids in hosting, right? My family has had the most interesting discussions about human nature since we started.

So sorry you’re having to deal with this -

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I just realized she will blame the water heater breaking on her dead, vindictive relatives. Hmmm.


Hahahahahahaha that’s good one.

If she knew that my mother had died in this house she might blame it on my mom LOL, which might be appropriate because my mom would not have liked
this person at all.

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She left today thank God. Check out is noon. She left around 1:15 p.m. This was after using all the ice in my refrigerator to fill her cooler which had plenty of beer in it.

Oh well I’m just being petty because I don’t like her. I am pretty certain that she could tell I was displeased with her. Because I put down some boundaries that would stop a running rhinoceros. I’m so glad she’s gone thank God. My new guest is super nice and it seems very normal with appropriate boundaries. She thinks the house is beautiful and she loves her room and all is well.

I’ve been working on a house manual to go over with the guests when they get here and I went over this with the new guest and that went really well. So I definitely take lessons from every experience that is not ideal and I think that every host should.

As for my daughter she definitely learned something from dealing with this guest. Namely she learned to avoid them and if they ask her for help with anothing not involving the accommodations, I have given her a couple of scripted answers.

Option 1:

“I would love to help you but I don’t know enough to do that. You might want to ask my mom instead.”

Option 2
" I would love to help you with that but I have a ton of homework to do I’m really sorry."

Exit scene, return to the private family room.

The next lesson I have learned is that I needed to mount the TV in the room and not offer the front room as an alternative living room for them. So I took care of that today.

Each less-than-ideal situation teaches me a little bit more about staying positive, bending with the wind and setting boundaries when I need to.

And especially saying no. no I cannot have your RV at my house. No I cannot give you a break on the price. And then of course if you want to extend your reservation you’re going to need to do it as soon as possible because no I cannot block off time because there is the chance that you may not extend and then I’ve lost that availability. No I cannot loosen the cancellation policy.


She really drew out this disrespect to the bitter end, didn’t she? An hour and a half after check out? You are NOT being petty. I hope you leave a bad review! Remember to wait until just about the 11th hour for the sneak attack!

Horrible guest, I am so relieved for you!


Poor you, I hope you give an honest review! Out of interest, did she have good reviews from other Hosts or was she verified? I am still new to this so am learning all the time!

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We are pretty new to hosting. With every few guests, we tweak our rules as needed. We are finding as out as we go what we need to change… I suppose there are things a seasoned host would never do. We are toddling through it.
House Manual, what kinds of things are in one of those? We are here when our guests are here, so i don’t have anything specific in one. What should be in one?


I’m doing this as well. I tweaked the rules every time a guest checks out because I learn something from every guest

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So I look outside today and now her eyesore RV is parked on my street instead of her car. I don’t know if she plans to get free RV storage out of this or if she just didn’t have time to move it but if it’s still there tomorrow I will report it as an abandoned vehicle because this is absolutely ridiculous.

And our Walmart charges for bags now I live in California. They have these very heavy duty bags that you pay $0.10 a piece for. So I have a bunch of those and I had them laying on the kitchen counter and guess who took them with her when she packed up her groceries? Yes indeed it was LA Pesadilla.

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Yes, get that RV towed!!! If it is still there in the morning call a tow truck!

Oh my goodness. NO MORE RVs!!! (I’m sure you beat me to that rule!)

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Yes, I now have this rule in place. Granted my neighbors do have RVs parked around the neighborhood but they’re my neighbors and it’s their neighborhood so that does not extend to people who are staying very short-term.

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I add, read over, remove. Sometimes my rules are long and sometimes short. I will have to change them with the season. Sand, sun, snow.

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Curious what you charge to use the hot tub?

They get to use the hot tub once for every three days of their stay. So if a 9 day stay you get 3x. If an 8 day stay, you get 2x.

If they wish to use it more, the charge is $20 per use because it’s pretty expensive. Plus you never know how long they’re going to stay in there. But everyone gets at least 1 free use whatever the length of their stay.

They can also heat the pool if they wish. That costs $200. Cause that’s a whole lot of heat.

But let me tell you - swimming in a perfectly heated pool in the middle of winter is fabulous.

Make it the wifi. Change the password and blame the system? Offer the refund?

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