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Doing the Math on Stats

So, today a recent guest left their review, and my Stats page, which I always check for the stars for my spreadsheet, looks totally different. I have my regular bars of happiness on the left, but then on the right it has a Superhost assessment. They simply don’t match. I can do the math, and the % are just plain WRONG.

Again, Developer Team A and Developer Team B aren’t talking.

Is anyone else seeing something like this?

On the right are just the superhost standards. You obviously just missed the superhost standards at July 1st and you will be awarded the budge by the next assessment period on Oct1st.

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On July 1, I had no completed trips. I have never had a 90% response, never had 80% five-stars. These percentages NEVER existed on my account.

Oh, what @gkpvao is saying is that, those are your targets for making super host. So on the left are YOUR actual stats, on the right are the super host targets you need to meet.

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Yeah, thats why (not having 10 completed trips) you weren’t awarded the superhost status on July 1st. Now you just have to wait for October 1st

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Any idea why this was added today? Is anyone else seeing this, and if so, is it new for you? Or is it just that I now have enough completed trips to get this "tickler?’

I appreciate understanding that that is the goal, not my current numbers.

What threw me was the statement “You are not meeting requirements…” when clearly I am, but I didn’t on July 1. Poorly worded, in my opinion.

Just a design change, probably in order to emphasize more on goals and therefore rewarding/motivating hosts. Such minor changes happen all the time as the platform evolves. For me this change happened just a few days ago

I agree, for an internet based company they suck at programming. And communication.

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