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Dog vs People using beds


Now it has happened twice. Couple books, with large slobbery dog. Turns out, they used the second bedroom for the dog! The dog slept IN the bed! Can I state that bedrooms are for humans only!


Don’t allow dogs at all or have a dog fee that will make hosting them worth your while. . I have a set of linens I use for people bringing dogs. I also give them a cheap fleece throw that they can keep to help minimize the hair.

Dogs can be a lot less gross than humans so I don’t see what this issue is as long as you properly charge them.


What @K9KarmaCasa said. If you don’t want dogs sleeping in/on beds, then don’t allow dogs. Or charge a “dog fee” of the same amount as an additional person.


My dog fee is $12 per dog/$20 for 2/$30 for three, technically per day but I discount longer log stays. Extra humans are between $5-10 per night (I manipulate the fee often), no discount for more than one night.

If I had big vacation rental like a cabin with two bedrooms it would be more.


Why don’t you just lock the spare bedroom if you only have a couple staying and have it in your house rules that animals aren’t allowed on furniture including beds. Leave an honest review and a thumbs down.


That is crazy. I would assume the dog wouldn’t get its own bed.


I love dogs and have a gorgeous retriever. Who isn’t even allowed upstairs, let alone on a human bed :scream::scream::scream:


Tell dog owners (a) they must bring their own bedding for the dog (b) dogs are only allowed (or not) to sleep on their owners bed (3) any additional bed usage beyond people will be charged a $X cleaning fee.


I would not allow guests with pets. I would not mind pets sleeping on the bed since my pets do sleep with me, but their my pets. I would mind guests pets because it creates extra work for me; dog hair everywhere and nail pulls on the comforter and sofa. I don’t mind cleaning after my pets but I would be annoyed if I had to clean up after someone else’s pet.


Yes, this has happened to me as well! There was dog slobber and hair all over my floor & sheets… I just decided to not allow dogs all together and have not really looked back. I get more international guests and most aren’t really traveling with their animals.


I allow dogs, my rules say “dogs not allowed on furniture or beds”.

maybe 5% of my guests bring their animals. Half of them let the dogs on the bed but it hasn’t caused a serious problem yet. If it does, my claim with ABB will be bolstered by the fact that the guest broke the clearly stated rules.

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