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Dog hosting top tips


I normally only host humans but I am doing holidays for a nice Springer spaniel this Summer. Normally springers are mad, but this one’s very shy. She lives in the middle of the countryside and isn’t used to many people or dogs. My Cocker is bumptious and bustley. Last time she stayed I tried to make her welcome by putting a chew on her bed. My dog walked up and ate it. Then I stroked her and she affectionately put her head on my leg. My dog lolled all over me so there was no space for the guest. Shes coming for another week soon. How can I get my dog to be a more gracious host?


Training your dog to only be gracious occasionally is tricky. It takes time to train a dog. Since the Springer has been there before she may warm up more quickly this time. If neither dog is an aggressive resource guarder how about two chews on beds on opposite sides of the room/chair/table. When your dog gets all over you just push it away and make it wait it’s turn. Give the guest attention and then your dog. If you have to, give them attention in separate rooms. If you allow your dog to monopolize you it will continue.


I realize every dog is different. Your doggy sounds wonderful! Our dog is a small size boxer mix. He has become our greatest asset. Most of our guests bring dogs, and he loves to play with all of them! We have a separate guest house with it’s own yard. So our dog can approach safely. It gives the dogs a moment to decide if they want to interact. Sometimes our dog just walks away, normally he wants to go in and play. That way we as humans are not involved, the dogs don’t have to feel they are guarding their humans. Also, the dogs aren’t thrown in with each other, they have a safety fence between them to size each other up. Maybe that is why it has been so successful. Good luck!


Neither dog is aggressive and I equally gave each dog a treat on their bed, and equally stroked them (one hand on each!). My dog just doesn’t seem willing to share! They go on walks nicely together.


Your # 1 priority is keeping the guest dog safe and healthy until the return of the master. You can do your best to make her feel welcome, but integrating into the family, as K9KarmaCasa said, is a very long process and probably not realistic for the summer. Give your guest dog a safe place that is her’s, give her some attention when you can, take them on walks together as often as possible, and try not to worry to much if she is “happy”.


Yep I guess it needn’t be perfect, just a nice stay. It would do my dog some good not to be a princess all the time, she’s so used to undivided attention!

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