Does using AirBnB photographer improve your search ranking?

I was looking at AirBnb photography. We have a 3 Bedroom property we offer in different configurations, including just rooms in a shared home and also a whole home listing.

When you use their photographer, you can only use for one listing, even though the pictures will also be taken of the single rooms. And you don’t own the photos, they are uploaded.

Is there any benefit to using their photographer vs just hiring your own?


No advantage I’m aware of, but those with more knowledge may know better.

From our perspective we wouldn’t use Airbnb pics, mainly due to copyright issues and the arbitrary way they use them in your listing.

Our pics are pretty crap (not that it stops us getting bookings!) and we’re in the process of finding a local photographer to do both apartments. This means we can use them on BDC also with no rights issues.


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Yes our pics are ok. We get bookings and have a 5 star rating. Evolve vacation management though has taken over some of the listings in our area and use professional photography. I guess we need to jump on that train now!

I found when I attempted to use my superhost photography discount, there is not an Airbnb photographer in my area.

I absolutely think good photographs help get views nd hopefully bookings thus moving your listing up in the set rresults.

I’ve had decent bookings but my photographs need improvement. I want to get professional pics soon.