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Does traffic to your Airbnb profile help with search results placement?

We know that traffic to and clicks on your Airbnb listings URL’s help to show a listing higher in Airbnb’s search results. But is the same valid for traffic and clicks only to the host’s Airbnb profile (without the visitor clicking on the listings of that host)?

Probably not. What if the host had multiple listings ( in some jurisdictions this is okay )? Would a click on a host’s profile improve the SEO of all his or her listings?

Do we really? Is this proved? I suspect that the conversion rate is more important. If 500 people clicked on a listing and didn’t book, then doesn’t Airbnb take this into account? (I don’t know).

But if 500 people visited the listing and 300 of them booked, isn’t that more relevant?

Does anyone know?

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