Does this sound real?

Airbnb Twitter post. Does this sound real? Travel credit only if host de-listed from Airbnb? (Don’t know if Airbnb delisted host or if host voluntarily quit)

It doesn’t sound real to me.

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Perhaps the guest cancelled and not the host. So if the host had a strict cancellation policy, they won’t get a refund. Perhaps host told them they can rebook later and gave them a “travel credit.” We’re only hearing half the story. Doesn’t sound like the information is valid.

My first thought is MAYBE Airbnb de-listed host for bad business practices. Feels like guest was scammed and paid to a look-alike site. Airbnb can’t refund $$$ they didn’t receive so tried to offer something to help.

People seem to think being scammed means Airbnb owes them something.

A former co-worker started yelling at me because he started to book a beach house on Airbnb. The host offered him a 30% discount to pay off platform. He did it then was furious when his reservation didn’t exist on Airbnb & host stopped all communication. He was convinced Airbnb owed him a refund.


It sounds within the realm of the Airbnb universe to me.


I doubt that Airbnb offers travel credit to someone who sent money to a scammer with a look-alike fake site. This guest may have simply gotten one of those clueless Airbnb reps who makes incorrect decisions. Or there are missing details to the story.


Frankly, after my own experience as an Airbnb host (they tell me they have issued a “full refund” to the guest, but then only actually offer the guest a travel credit), I would not be surprised at Airbnb keeping guest’s money and offering only a credit if they can get away with it.