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Does this mean I'll be a Superhost soon?

Yes. Unless you get several guests who give you less than 5 stars for the Overall Experience category, you will become a Super Host on October 1st.

Gosh, I don’t know how to feel about this. Thanks for confirming!

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The same thing is happening with me. I’ve only been hosting since early July, but I expect to reach Super Host on October 1st as well. I’ve been reading this forum enough that I have a pretty good idea how I feel about.

It sounds like, to some degree, it’s a double edged sword. On the one hand, you may get a boost in search results. If your listing is located in a highly saturated area, Super Host status might also help set you apart from the competition. Also, several forum members have said they’ve had guests that claim to only stay with Super Hosts. On the flip side, you may start to worry about keeping Super Host status, which could mean a lot of extra stress. Plus, you may start attracting extra picky guests.

Just search the words “Super Host” into the search bar of this forum. You will find several threads that talk specifically about other host’s experiences and feelings in terms of being a Super Host.

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Thanks Chloe, you sum up my thoughts exactly - the only person who i’ve met who likes being a Superhost is my cousin, but her listing is separate from her living space - I host in my home. Anyway, double-edged sword puts it very nicely, and I’m a bit worried about bad guests, I still have bad memories of some. Do you know what the benefits for us are once we become a Superhost other than the listing rank?

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I host in my home as well, so we both know certain aspects of that can be difficult! And yes, the not-so-awesome guests are memorable!

I live in an area that attracts French Canadians, and though I don’t want to get into any political discussions, as a host, I kinda wish we’d stop them all at the border! I remember them all because they’ve complained about a few moths that got in through the AC vent, they almost never give you 5 stars (apparently it’s a cultural thing), they have ruined face cloths and hand towels, the list goes on, LOL!

The only perk I’m aware of, or can remember from forum posts, is that Super Hosts get priority phone support from Airbnb when they call. I know there are a few other small things. I’m sure other forum members will chime in.

Benefits are boost in search rank, priority customer support (so they say), SH badge. If you maintain the status for a year you get a $100 coupon code to use for your own travel.

I Airbnb a master suite with a private entrance but it’s attached to my home and there is a door into the home. I have been a superhost for over 2 years. I qualified after my first quarter and have maintained it since. I see no downside to having it. I have also had a couple of guests, both Europeans who told me that after a bad ABB experience they started using the SH filter for their cross country road trip. I’ve just been searching for places myself and I used both SH and Instant book first. If I didn’t find a suitable host with the filters on then I took them off.

Whether one likes SH or not has several variables. What’s common is that people who had it and lost it or can’t get it don’t like it. This doesn’t mean they aren’t SH material, it has more to do with the kind of guest they get or things about their listing over which they have no control. I also think some of it is based on the personality of the host and this is something else that can’t be changed. Again this doesn’t mean they aren’t good or nice people.

I have 97% 5 star primarily because I get travelers not tourists. Based on what I’ve read here, tourists can be real jerks. Having “hosted” about 7000 students during my career as a teacher I developed a knack for dealing with many personality types and disarming unhappy people. I think that has served me well in my second careers.


Thank you for this, it helped. I also did the ‘tourist’ thing and burnt out quickly. I now have a minimum of 2 nights mandatory, and am priced slightly higher than other hosts which has successfully left me with better guests, which is slightly disappointing to say. I like how you classify between Travelers and Tourists, very well said.

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Hi @KKC,

97% 5 stars is truly spectacular. We should all be learning from you. :slight_smile:
Just one question - how does one distinguish between traveler and tourist?

Teaching is indeed useful practice in people management.

I don’t know about that. There used to be a place on my dashboard where it compared me to “hosts near me,” and they had 87% 5 star reviews. I don’t know where that went, I don’t see it now. [quote=“faheem, post:9, topic:8120”]

how does one distinguish between traveler and tourist
This is, as far as I know, completely made up by me.
A traveler is one who is traveling to get from one place to another. They may have to travel to work, they are moving, they are going to visit family. It is mostly non discretionary. It could also be people who are tourists but they aren’t tourists in my town. They are stopping here more or less because they have to.

A tourist is a person who intentionally chose the destination purely for fun. They have money to blow on the luxury of travel and it is mostly discretionary. They think everyone in their vacation is there to serve them. It’s a highly self centered activity. So that leads to my next point.

Why do I think it matters? When someone chooses an airbnb and destination it is on them if it doesn’t go well. The “not going well” could be because of a family argument, a bored kid, bad weather, a headache, a parking ticket. They displace blame onto the host. There is nothing the host can do to prevent this from happening.

People stop at my place because it’s along the way. They don’t arrive with a bunch of expectations that I can’t meet. Most of them booked 4-36 hours in advance. There was no time to build up expectations. My place is low priced and yet as nice as many more expensive places they’ve stayed. No one expects Hell Paso to be nice. I’m the master and beneficiary of underpromise/overdeliver.


Hi @KKC,

Interesting distinction. People who come to this city are often passing through on the way to somewhere else, because a lot of flights arrive here. But often they do some tourist stuff as well. I’m not sure what to classify them as, using your criterion.

I had to ring airbnb about a booking, and they said hello superhost,it was answered very quick compared to other calls, never knew that.
The cleaning has to be taking to a whole new level with superhost, people expect the 5 star treatment on budget prices

karma! That is hilarious. Hell Paso. Maybe there’s low expectations involved all the way around and you are the winner for it.

I host almost 100 percent visitors to Hawaii Island. More specifically, most of them book only four days or so on the West side for a circle island trip.

I don’t think visitors blame me for weather or expect me to fix a holiday gone bad. Most are self sufficient and have researched pretty well what they want to do before getting here.

My location in the quiet countryside is not a fit for everyone. We do have our own quiet and secluded private beach, but some people don’t even like that.

Others really GET my place and we are sympatico.

My last two guests were philosophy professors who loved my place and said it was delightful in every way… She said she loved the vibe of my place which is decorated with personal objects such as my outrigger paddle, a ten foot surfboard I decoupaged, ukuleles on the wall and framed Don Blanding poetry.

My present two guests maybe we’re not quite as impressed. I often wonder if when it is rainy and icky when they arrive, they compare it to the photos I have posted of truly spectacular days here.

Ahh well. You cannot please them all.

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