Does this look scammy to you? Early request for address

This came from a guest booked on HA for the end of September. OS traveller for 1 night. They’ve already made (to HA) a 25% down payment and the rest isn’t due till 2 weeks before.

“I was wondering if I could get the address of the unit. I know it’s early, but my husband’s work requires that he have all destination addresses for security purposes. If you’d prefer, you can send to my email at

btw Her email address wasn’t redacted as it would be on Air.

I’ve done a google search on part of the text and it doesn’t show up anywhere as a scam (or at all). She has 2 5* reviews on HA (Reykjavik and Reims) and given one 5* review to previous host.

Should I ask her who her husband works for? Ignore it till the final payment or tell her it will become available then? It was an accident letting her book only 1 night as it was on HA and I had been playing with the settings., Usually 2 nights so I don’t care if she cancels. But then how to politely say no.

I don’t recall anything like this coming up before here but please let me know if it has.

Or search for his name/city and see if you can find him on LinkedIn or a company website. If not, then yeah, ask her if she wouldn’t mind telling you a bit more.

Thanks. It was booked under her name so I think i should. I just wonder if this is now standard practice for big international companies or some government agencies whether you are staying in New York or Burkina Faso.

If you don’t care, then it really doesn’t matter about being polite, right? :slight_smile:

Sometimes though, I think we hosts get ourselves all in a tangle worrying about the dodginess of guests that it’s easy to forget that guests are sometimes worried that we might not be legit. For instance, I once had a couple who were coming for two weeks. But the night before their stay, they checked into a hotel and drove past our place in the dead of night just to make sure it really existed. True.

I’ve had quite a few guests ask for the address well in advance and I’ve let them know. I don’t see any reason not to. But otherwise…

"Hi Jane and thanks so much for booking - I look forward to seeing you both in September. As you know, HA will be sending you your itinerary (whenever and whatever they do) but in the meantime, if you’d like me to call your husband’s company with our details I’m happy to help. Do let me know if there’s anything else at all that I can do for you…:


Thanks Jacquo - I am normally not that paranoid as a host taking all comers and having a good experience. Sometimes though you miss something that others find obvious hence the request for others to check it out and give feedback in this case. I’ll probably wait a week or two and then send it.

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I think we all might reading too much on this forum and are starting to see red flags where there are only a few and none beyond…


Everything is on the internet.
If I remember HA/VRBO correctly, although it is not paid in full, the guest should have your full name. In many areas with the full name of the owner and a city name, an internet savvy guest could find the actual address.

I’ve pondered why people get so concerned about giving the guest the address early because in my area (NC, USA) if I look at Forsyth County property tax records listed under a specific name, the full address displays, We think we have address anonymity but we don’t.

If it is this easy in your area to find the information, give it & move on.


Oh—I believe after a booking is accepted, although Airbnb may be awaiting a second payment, if a guest sends you an email address or a phone number in a message, it will display. This is in addition to the guest contact information we expect to see. After the visit is over, the filters will hide all emails & phone numbers.


Yes you are right I let her have it, so to speak. Thanks for your feedback.

Like magic tricks a lot of scams are hard to work out and then when you get told how they work they are obvious. Thanks for your feedback.

As long as you don’t log into a link she sends, you should be good. I think booking .com has all of our addresses in full sight anyway.

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He probably needs/wants it for his entry visa into the country and wants to fill out paperwork in advance. But I wouldn’t be comfortable about giving my address a month in advance. Ask your questions about his company and his contact information. Don’t get it, cancel

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I take it HA allows third party bookings? Because if this were on Air I would have already canceled and told her to rebook under his account.

@Arlene_Larsson I got the impression she is coming with him, so not 3rd party, but I guess it’s not totally clear.

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@Brian_R170 oh I see. For some reason I thought she’d said one guest but now I’m not seeing that.

Thanks for replying. They are travelling together on holiday.

Yes they are travelling together and she booked.

Thanks for replying. You usually don’t need addresses upfront for tourist visas in Australia if coming from USA, Canada or Europe.