Does this Guest raise Red Flags-Would you accept them?

This does raise some concerns. However, sometimes when I plan travel with a group of friends and family 7 months out, I’m not sure who will be able to come yet. I just plan for the largest potential group. People cancel and others replace them due to illness, work demands, etc. I would not have a problem asking for a tentative list and ask them to update it a couple weeks prior. Most regulatory bodies only care about who actually arrived at your place. That said, rather than question the requirement, he should just explain if uncertainty is one of his issues.

Thanks so much for the insight all.
To address your comments and questions:

@Debthecat “Thank you goat asking about my other property!" … Ahmm, not sure I understand this one, am I supposed to be referring to the guest as a “goat” (“greatest of all time”?) …or was that a typo/auto correct? LOL Either way, thanks for your suggestion, I like the way you structured the last sentence. Permission to “steal” it?

@Brian_R170 Actually, I did try and provide a link to my city’s STR codes, but you can’t add a link, picture, etc., on Air until after the guest has booked their reservation. But it was a really good suggestion. Thank you.

@JJD The point of renting to large groups is to make more money. Large groups is our entire “niche” in my market. Without the size and ability to host large groups, we’re just another “luxury property”. And there are 7 or 8 “luxury properties” in my market. We’ve been doing this for years. And not 1 group has ever had an issue giving me their names. But I think you are correct, he is now coming off as “sneaky and dishonest”.

@Christine_Shirtcliff I agree… this guy does raise concerns. And the reservation is a long way off, which is why I told him he could give me his complete list closer to his check-in date. But his hesitancy to give me any names at all is what is giving me pause.

Now for the update: There’s been a bit of a “plot twist”

This is his latest message:

" Interesting. I run 9 -------- 's and this has never been a requirement on that side"

The word/s after “9” are blocked out with " --------'s" .

I’m assuming he means “Airbnb’s” and “site” ?

So I’m guessing he’s a Host ???

Also, he asked if he could just provide first names. … What is the point of that?

I tried to politely as possible, ask him if there was an issue with providing the full names and asked:

"Is there a particular issue with providing the full names, such as one of your guests legally only has a first name, like, ‘Cher’ ? "

I added an “lol” to lighten the tone.

I haven’t heard back from him, but I agree with the majority of commentators here, I should not rent to him. So I’m going to follow my “gut” and now my “gut check” (that’s you all :wink: ) and not rent to him unless he has a really good explanation for turning so suspicious… It’s a shame because we really did have a great working relationship until I asked for names… and it would have been a lot of money.

I’ll provide any updates if there are any.

Thank you all for your comments and advice.

If he runs 9 Airbnbs you should be able to see that on his profile. And what does that have to do with complying with your reasonable request for names? Everyone should do things like he does?

Once someone starts pushing back with the “I’ve never had to provide this info before”, “I’ve never been expected to XX at other Airbnbs” shtick, no matter what they are being requested to do, red flags start flying.

If it were just a question of the guest list changing between now and the booking dates, why wouldn’t he just say that, give the names now, and if that changes, update you- XX can’t make it, YY will take their place.

This guy is gonna suck up your time, and it won’t be worth it. Surely you can get other bookings in the next 7 months.


Since I can’t attach the link prior to booking, please refer to the rules for STR on City and/or State website that describe this requirement

Thank you for your inquiry in this property. I am declining your request as I think it would be best for you to find a listing that will accommodate your wish for your guests to remain anonymous.”

Not complying with your initial rules is in indicative of how the rest of the actual stay will go. Any long term host will know it’s best to go with your gut, when safeguarding your listing.


This is at least 4 messages since being informed of the guest name requirement. This is now in the territory of harrassment. This is someone who thinks his :poop: doesn’t stink and he is used to getting his way.

As for asking about the other property, yeah maybe he’s an idiot or maybe he is trying to manipulate you into thinking he’s shopping around and so you should acquiesce to his demands.

This is more manipulative nonsense from him. Let me guess, you’re a woman? He thinks this kind of crap works because it has worked for him most of his life.

This booking request would be a hard no from me.


Ditto on that; and then reminded me of the seemingly never ending inquiry I got last year


Nope. Whenever I’ve asked for full names and photos of ID (license, passport) and stated that my STR requires it, only the guests who have proved difficult during the stay have balked.

I simply state “See HR, please comply before completing the booking or cancel via Air (if IB and confirmed) if this makes you uncomfortable as this listing seems to not be a fit for your needs. We’re required by law to take this information. Thank you.”

Silly people tricks…

This. Just. Say. No.

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Don’t care about guest names pre arrival. As I’ve said before, we have to register every guest with the Policía, and if on arrival someone doesn’t like it, there is always a nice bench in the plaza round the corner :smile:


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I declined the guest, which was tough as it was for a week, in the off season and I hadn’t gotten around to reducing my off season rates yet. Plus it had an additional ~$210/night extra guest fee tacked on to the original nightly rate… this was a tough decline.

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You sound American but you must be in Australia.

I think you did the right thing. Every time I have gone against my gut in life, I have regretted it.

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In my long hosting career, I’ve never developed that ‘gut feeling’ thing that other hosts have but there’s no way I’d accept someone who trying to run rings round me, especially as you’ve got many months to get bookings.

That sounds as though you’ve been hosting for several years so I can’t understand why you are giving this person any of your time. I certainly don’t understand why you’d ask here about it.

I’ve had a negative feeling about two individual guests, and they both turned out to be great. One has been a frequent returner and is now a friend.

My instincts don’t seem to be as sharp as yours.


I’ve done exactly the same thing. One was based on the guest’s picture - she looked seriously spooky and grumpy. When she arrived I couldn’t help exclaiming “oh, you’re so pretty!”. We got along like a house on fire.


I suspect we’ve all done it, my biggest error with my gut was this one I posted a while back.

Have them back in a heartbeat.



Some people just aren’t photogenic. I and my oldest daughter are like that. We look quite different in person. In photos, I tend to look like the wicked witch who’s come for your firstborn. We look quite different in person.

And the opposite is also true- some people photograph really well but look quite plain in person.

And some look exactly as they appear in photos.


Another ‘red flag’ that’s been discussed here is that of potential guests who ask ‘too many’ questions before they book. The worst I ever had was an elderly guy who wanted to know everything about the place even the height of the bathtub. It was pretty nuts.

He booked, I think it was only for three or four days, and I was bracing myself to expect a pretty challenging few days. I though I was in for some needy guests.

During the stay, his wife contacted me once because she hadn’t been able to get onto the internet with her iPad. That was all.

They were sweethearts.

They became regular repeat visitors and have recommended us to their friends and family. One time, they were in the area but hadn’t been able to book with us - but they called in to say hello anyway. :slight_smile:

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I was giving the guest my time, because that’s my job and it was a lot of money and I didn’t want to throw that money away so quickly. Money is not going to be flowing in the next few years as it had been the last few, so I’m not going to throw away thousands of dollars away without thoughtful consideration. I lost a good deal of money in 2020 and am hoping not to repeat that in 2021.

Also, while the dates are a far way off, it’s doubtful I would get another booking for that time of year for so many nights and have another $1400+ added on for extra guest fees.

And I certainly don’t understand why I wouldn’t ask here for other Hosts opinions, isn’t this what this website is supposed to be about? There are some good, thoughtful opinions and ideas I’ve learned about STR Hosting since joining. (Fun side note: I did ask my mechanic about this guest and was merely met with a blank stare.)

Lastly, I’ve been a Host and business owner in general long enough to know enough to know, I don’t know everything, and will always ask for the opinions of others in my line of work who might be able to provide a different viewpoint or insight than my own.


Without knowing if your prediction is Covid related (or other), there has been dialogue on this forum, relative to AirBNB during and post pandemic. The general consensus was:

  • Home share Listings are predictably down during pandemic and there are questions if post pandemic travelers will retain cautiousness or dive back into shared home listings.
  • Many non-shared listings (including mine) have experienced INCREASED demand during the pandemic, as travelers avoid hotels and as WFH has liberated those in large cities to work from wherever there is good WiFi.
  • Many believe that post pandemic non-shared listings will significantly benefit as “flood gates” open because of pent up demand for travel.

It must be difficult to be renting in an area that is only making money for you for part of the year. Isn’t there any way that you can use your rentals year-round? I’m surprised that you are so location-dependent. Let’s hope that this forum can help you to come up with ideas.

Absolutely definitely. I’m finding that our apartments are in high demand for the WFH crowd and for isolating purposes. They are great places for working guests and well set up for self-isolation couples.

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