Does NO ONE read the listing information?! (Re: Dogs)

So I have guests that just showed up on Jan 1st.

I wasn’t here to greet them as I only got back from my holidays yesterday.

Well, I clearly state in my listing that I have two dogs. They were not in the home when the guests arrived because they were being looked after by friends.

When I brought them home today, SURPRISE, the guests are “afraid” of them.


I don’t understand WHY you would book an Airbnb that clearly states dogs live in the house if you are afraid of them!!

So what do I do in this situation?! They are here for the entire month and it’s not like I can (OR WANT) to keep my dogs locked up all the time.

Very, very frustrating!

I’m sorry for you. What a clusterphuck. Just make sure you are covered with your house rules in that you stated you have dogs. It’s up to them to leave, not you to change your lifestyle (dogstyle) for them. I’d call BnB to see what they say. They should man up and learn to get to know the dogs and get over their fear. If, indeed, it is their mistake. Are you ok if they leave? Finally, I mean. If not, call the company to protect yourself.

Here is an exact copy of what is in my listing. Not to mention, I also have it under the “The Space” section.

“Other Things to Note
I have one large dog named Onyx. He is currently 11 months old (birthday 09/20/14) and is very well behaved. He is crate trained and does not go in the guest bedroom. I also have a 9 week old puppy (birthday 08/28/15) who is currently learning the house rules.
We are usually up at about 5:30 or 6am every day.
This means that there may be some noise in the mornings while staying with us. We do our best to stay quiet, but sometimes it’s exciting to go out in the morning!”

Definitely not on me for not being clear (atleast in my opinion). I’v sent an email to Airbnb asking for their suggestion on the issue.


We have our dogs, cat, chooks and birds clearly listed as well. Our accommodation is separate in the backyard. We keep the dogs inside overnight. But during the day they are in the garden. No real complaints yet but it is clearly in the listing. We once has someone complain about the quails being too loud.

Very frustrating for you though. Good luck

Thanks! Ya, it’s really frustrating when people don’t read the listing and only look at the price or location.
I don’t want a bad review but I’m certainly not going to confine my dogs in their crates all day because some people were too stupid to read all the information.

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This may not be a fit. Open a case with Air. Maybe you can get them out based on the fact that they didn’t read your listing. Even if they have to go elsewhere.

This is what I received from Airbnb:

"I´m very sorry for all the inconveniences of this situation. I have been checking the system and as you stated you made it clear that you have dogs in your listing and I can see them also in your listing´s pictures. If your guest are not happy with the dog it will be in their side to cancel the reservation witch means that the long term cancellation policy ( will apply and they won´t get any refund. You will always be able to give them a refund if you wish, that´s your own decision as a host. If you decide to refund your guest you can follow the steps in this link:"

Thats easy-- tell them its the dogs and yur home and what thy booked .
Also tell them you will Not tolerate them upsetting your pets by weird behavior and to get over it-s because they booked it
They are also making you the owner uncomfortable - dont offer them a refund and DONT you feel bad!
Hopefully they will go out more. - and just come in to sleep.
Take care of your own nerves and your dogs love . Its your house.

Exactly! That’s what I am doing. I’m not going to lock my pups up because people can’t read.
If they don’t like it, then they can stay out or leave. It’s that simple.

Lol! Your listing title is the same as mine from a while ago. It is conclusive. NO ONE EVER READS LISTINGS.

Good for you- and good luck in the future - sorry i took so long to reply-
Look after the dogs and yourself first-