Does barbeque equal to party?

Dear fellow hosts, I need your advice. My next guest check in this Saturday, and stays 1 night only. According to him, they are visiting family member in my area for a birthday. There were several previous guests here for birthday as well, and they just needed a place to stay, but they went elsewhere for birthday parties.

Today, he emailed me: “I think your property does have a barbeque but can you confirm this as we can bring ours if necessary”. In my listing, I never mentioned we provide barbeque equipment. And his wording made me think he plans to have the birthday party at my property. Maybe I misunderstood, but if he arrives Saturday afternoon and leaves Sunday morning, the only time for party is Sat night.

My house rule clearly says no party. How should I respond him? Please help!

Can I ask him directly does he plan to have a birthday party at my property? Is it polite to do so?

Be sure and communicate on the Air platform. Remind him of your no party rule and tell him you do not provide BBQ equipment.

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Do you want them using a BBQ at your property? Exploding gas bottle after transport in hot car, greasy mess or hot coals?

Why in Gods name would someone cart a dirty BBQ and equipment with them for one night when no doubt you have plentiful parks with them nearby. Unless of course they are having a party?

I suggest something like:
Hi Guest,
Thanks so much for checking with me about the BBQ. Unfortunately I don’t offer BBQ equipment not am I insured for guests to BYO any other cooking equipment.

As shown in my listing, I have a lovely kitchen with xyz for you and (list exact guests booked) to enjoy cooking meals in if you wish. My courtyard (or whatever) is also pleasant on a summers night.

Have a lovely stay.

I hope you have a great time catching up with your family nearby and their party and please remember that I don’t allow parties or unapproved guests on my premises per my House Rules.

I hope this information was helpful to you.



Thanks Martha and Emily! I have told him BBQ is not a listed amentity and our courtyard is small so BBQ equipment is not a good fit due to its size. I also emphasised no party no event policy.
Hopefully I don’t have any trouble with this guest. There are back to back bookings, just turnover itself is stressful enough.

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Hi Freya

You are right to be concerned. If they are just staying one night, why would they want to BBQ at yours if they are going to a party elsewhere.

I would keep it short and sweet.

Say something like.


No we don’t have BBQ equipment available for our guests. As described in our listing we have a lovely fully equipped kitchen for guests who have booked to stay with us to use.

Although we are happy for you to bring your own BBQ i(f you are), we just wanted to check when you are planning to use it? as I understood when you booked you are planning on attending your friends birthday celebrations on Saturday evening’.

Thanks Helsi for the advice!

My guest has replied to me and it seems I misinterpreted. He and his wife would meet their adult children first before they attend a family funtion together. They come from different places (6 of them). They would like to cook and eat a bit together before they attend the function. (BBQ is possibly their preferred way of cooking)

It is great I don’t have to worry about a party. I was really nervous about party, one of my previous neighbour holds party regularly and they don’t finish at 11pm, always until 2am or when police came. I really suffered from their loud music and noise, so do my other neighbours. We all dislike the inconsiderate neighbor (and I possibly suffered most because our house is at the back of theirs, directly. My bedroom window faces my backyard and their backyard (where they party).

Luckily they sold the house last month, and my suffer hopefully ends :slight_smile:

I, as an air host, fear most about guest damage and then party. I think having different guests come and go is already some kind of disturb to my neighbours at the listing location. I don’t want their life to be disturbed even more by loud party guests.


So your guest wants to bring an additional six adult guests on your property to have a BBQ?

In my book that’s a party :slight_smile:


No, he booked for 6 person. Himself, the wife and 4 adult children. But they don’t live together, they will have some time together in the afternoon before they head out for family function. I feel it make sense. Anyway, we now have mutual understanding no party is allowed. That is enough.

I actually don’t mind my guests having someone as visitors, as long as there is no party (music and excessive noise) and visitors don’t stay overnight. But I have no way to moniter, I can only choose to trust my guests. I thought about installing a camera but I haven’t done so because I don’t want my guests to feel being monitored.

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Well it aint over till the fat lady sings “Happy Birthday.” Hopefully your guests really just want to BBQ before the family get together.

Question: the six guests are the parents and 4 adult children? None of the adult children are bringing a significant other and none of them have their own children?


Good for you for not jumping on the “get a CCTV immediately” bandwagon. I respect hosts who opt that route but it’s not something I’d ever do because I want to honor a guest’s privacy–similarly I’d never stay in a place with a camera despite being a stellar Air guest.

I’m glad you were able to get to the bottom of this without assuming the worst of your group, too!


This is timely because I had a similar situation earlier this year. An older couple booked our apartment which sleeps two people. It turned out that it was his birthday on the weekend they were here and their two adult sons and their spouses would be joining them (but staying at another Airbnb close by).

He too asked about the barbecue possibility as we have a communal gas grill on the property. I reminded him that his adult children would only be able to visit during daylight hours (as per our house rules) and the limit was two people. I suggested several restaurants that would be far better for celebrating a birthday than fumbling about burning themselves and eating charcoal-laden food and soggy salads. They agreed! :slight_smile: