Does anyone use HipCamp

Is anyone familiar with this platform. We have a lovely lake side spot that we could rent for a tenting site. They keep 10% of your rental price, it comes with some insurance. Not sure if there are guest issues or is it fairly safe?

I don’t know anything about it. My biggest concern would be if the guests are having campfires. They get out of control if not managed well and sometimes newbie campers just figure it out as they go along.

We live onsite so we would be here. Yes we would surely need to be careful with that.

I’ve never used it, but have looked at their website and quite like it. They list all kinds of basic expectations for guest behavior that I imagine most hosts would love for Airbnb to give, and tell guests they are expected to leave the property as they found it and hopefully even better.

It looks like a site that would attract seasoned campers and hikers, rather than city slickers who romanticize camping, but have never done it, and would freak out if they see insects or rodents or hear unfamiliar noises in the night.

Yes, we do. Feel free to dm me.