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Does anyone host Experiences?


I was quite excited to see that Airbnb is now allowing Experiences in Malaga. I’m a soap and cosmetics maker and I’ve often run courses for 3-4 people in my workshop, known as the “soap mines”! I obviously need to look closely at the conditions for running Experiences, as I wouldn’t want it to interfere too much with hosting but I wondered if anyone here had practical experience with this and how it has worked out for them?


I’ve looked into it. Himself is a photographer and I wondered about sunrise photo sessions on the beach. But it doesn’t seem to be incredibly lucrative for the outlay of time that’s required. Just my take :slight_smile:

Soap making (and cosmetics) sounds like great fun though.


Just wondering…is using Himself and English thing? Joan also does it! :rofl:
I’m divorced, so it if I have an issue I consult that special no one. :joy::joy:


I think it must be :slight_smile:

Being from Yorkshire, I usually refer to him as 'imself but I’m posher when I’m on the air hosts forum :wink:


LOL! How would a mAnchester accent say it then? Or is that a Manchester accent? :rofl:


I’m from about 30 miles from Manchester which accent-wise is a million miles :slight_smile:

I’m from a place called Barnsley in Yorkshire where we are very proud of our accent. (Read: No-one can understand us :slight_smile: )


“…that special no one.” … :disappointed_relieved: :frowning_face:

That’s okay…you’re doing fine! :kissing_heart:


LOL! I’m happier alone, so don’t cry for me Argentina!

In all honesty, I’ve had to be both mom and dad to my boys since their dad abandoned them both at age 16. Not much time for much else. They are still not yet out of the nest.

And when I have had something else the dudes consistently disappointed with their immaturity and selfishness. I know how to pick em! :rofl::rofl::joy:

My boys are my priority in all matters.


I’ve found running workshops reasonably lucrative, particularly since although I have the set-up and materials here I don’t sell commercially any more. It has occurred to me, though, that I might have to register for VAT if I offer a service such as this,

You’re a Barnsley lass? My daughter lives in Sheffield and I’m often there, though I actually hail from t’other side of t’Pennines (t’right side!)

And @konacoconutz, yes, we do use “himself” often to refer to the Master of the House (ahem!). The female equivalent is “er indoors” or “the missus”!


I think it’s very much an Irish ism. Cassid, what do you think? I used to hangout in London with a ton of Irish friends from Co. Donegal and Drogheda. My dad was from Donegal but I don’t remember it from childhood, just that part of my misspent youth.


We’re in danger of re-igniting the Wars of the Roses! But I can understand a Barnsley/Yorkshire accent.


There isn’t a ‘shakes head’ emoji!

It’s alive and well at the Air Hosts Forum :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I started an Experience listing …for a day tour of biking/hiking, rainforest, Scarlet Macaws and tropical beaches in Costa Rica …and I am still waiting of final approval.

It started with me thinking about it for a while, then starting a pitch online …then waiting for an OK from Airbnb, then some more delays on adding more details, getting some suitable photos ready …only to come to the next screen of: we’ll let you know if your experience is good or unique or whatever enough for us and I am still waiting.

However those 30 or 50 different experience in LA about hiking up the Hollywood sign are unique enough?

And plus, their take is 20%.


20 percent is way too much. In the end, how much are you making per hour?


What, like “her indoors”?


Ooh, hark her. Lady Muck’s in the house.


Still waiting for “Approval” …basically one puts a price and they add up on top of that.

But, yes - 20% is way too much …but my feeling is … sooner or later …all the sites will want an even bigger piece of the pie:
Uber is taking a whooping 25%, Upwork is at 20%, Booking is at 15%, …


They are enslaving us at alarming levels. I just read a story about someone who kept picking up Lyft riders as her contractions increased and just had dropped off a ride just as she was arriving at the hospital to have the baby. Kinda reminds me of that scene in The Good Earth. Just work in the rice paddies, take a short break to give birth and then keep on working. :rofl:.


Rover (for dog sitting and boarding) takes 20% from new hosts and 7% from guests. Older hosts like me are grandfathered (for now) at 15%. Problem with Rover is that it’s very easy for a host and client to make arrangements off the platform. I don’t know how they will ever be profitable.


Don’t forget to cut your own umbilical chord.

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