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Does anyone here play horseshoes?

I still can’t find one missing horseshoe from a set of four. I need to go ahead and buy another set I suppose. This horseshoe set was given to me and I don’t know the brand or anything.

So what am I supposed to purchase to replace it? Can I look at something on the horseshoe and try to order the same thing (brand)…then I will have 3 back up in case any more are lost?

Are they all different weights, and once you lose one then you are screwed? Now you need to buy a whole new set? Or are most interchangeable?

I think is the quirkiest post I’ve seen here so far, and I love it!

I actually have some friends who play horseshoes and, yes, weight matters. Like any game of aim (darts, pool)–weight is important.

I’ll ask and see what they have to say. Can you post a pic of one?


I can’t believe I forgot and was just over there!

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I have no idea whats happening here. Lol


Backyard game of horseshoes. I also advertise croquet.

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You just gave me a wonderful idea for the island. I got bocce and croquet, but no horseshoes!

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The one where you throw them to the stick thing?

Yes…must be 20

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