Does anyone else dislike the review´s keywords?

I confess I HATE this feature so much. I’m not against the keywords theirself but for the random order on which the reviews are sorted once you click on them. So, for instance, my “Recommend” keyword shows in the first page 3 reviews from 2012, 3 from 2013, 2 from 2014 and 1 from 2015 (none from 2016!). This mess is mixed with weird or redundant keywords names like Cozy, Convenient, Area, Neighborhood, City, Location, etc. Disgusting!

By asigning a random order to the reviews Airbnb is making the assumption that we can´t improve (or get worst) so a review left in 2012 has the same weight than other one left in 2016. And if you think the footnote with the date on it will save us once you hit the second page those footnotes are gone and your guest is clueless of when it was left that review.

I thought this was one of those tested features that after a while will be gone but it seems to get sticked on my listing page for a long while. What were they thinking?

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I don’t like it either. I think its just ‘noise’ on the page and has little value.

I didn’t know they were mixing the reviews; I wonder why?/

Yes, they are mixing reviews in a nonsensical way. My rental has suffered modifications, I have improved my service as a host and even my location has changed (there are now 3 great restaurants in front that weren´t 4 years ago). It is all messed up now!