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Does anybody in Autralia offer a car to guests with accommodation?


I am wondering what I would need to do regarding insurance and the law about offering a car along with accommodation. I would love to hear from anyone in Perth who does this and find what they have done to cover the legal and insurance side.t


That sounds like a tremendous liability as an individual, but then again, there are insurers who cover rental car companies.

There have been some companies popping up along the lines of Air, but for individuals who rent out their own cars. Maybe you could link up with one of them as the companies provide their own insurance coverage.


Thanks for responding. Yes I could use Drivemycar.com.au. I just wonder if any other hosts are doing it. Lyn


There is also Turo.com where you can rent your car.


Off topic slightly but it would be a value add if I could rent my carspace on the Airbnb site too.


Linda, I am sure I saw a site for that while searching for car renting sites. Parrkmycar or something like that.


Oh thanks. I have just had a look. With Drivemycar they take about 50% of your daily rental but say then you can cancel your current insurance. With Turo they take 25% but say you still need your own insurance. I need to do some sums. I have been trying to find an insurance company who will cover me do do it on my own but no luck predictively. Like my first responder said, the venture is fraught with danger unless you are fully covered. Possibly the fact that my current guests have a huge dent in the side of their rental car is a message from the Gods to steer clear. Pardon the pun.

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