Does airbnb permit hotels to list?

Found this while searching the DFW area for a place to stay. Kind of funny they consider us competition.

Check out this listing on Airbnb, Clean Hotel Room near DFW Airport

Yes it’s permit for hotels to list

Rather interesting how often impeccable as a word appears in the reviews. A fairly distinctive word.

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I hate finding hotel listings on ABB.


I noticed that right away also. Those ‘guests’ have no other reviews. Very interesting, I wonder if these are fake reviews, they just seem too over the top, considering it’s a Super8.

I think I’ve already mentioned how very much this annoys me. This is literally a Super8 as it says at the very bottom of the page of their listing!!

I found a great little hotel in Prague by looking through Airbnb for Prague. She had listings on Airbnb which then disclosed the name of her hotel. I found her hotel website.

If I stayed at her Air room, I’d pay room, cleaning and deposit. If I stay in her hotel, I pay for the room only. Go figure.

Yes and It’s prevalent. There are many places where the majority of listings are hotels, and almost no listings by local people.

The way I understand you, her “Air room” and her “hotel” were simply the same place?

Actually, I’ve had a similar experience. We stayed at a small hotel in Switzerland, last year, which was also listed on Airbnb. However, I ended up booking it using, at a 40 per cent discount to what I would have paid using Airbnb.

Yes. That is what I mean.

She had a place on Airbnb, but also had her hotel on it!
I could have booked the hotel and saved all the fees and it would have been way cheaper.

Thanks for clarifying.

I am actually exploring this topic since, in addition to renting out rooms in my own apartment using Airbnb, I also recently starting working as a manager at a small hotel. We have a hell of a lot of vacant rooms at Easter time, so I was wondering if I should start offering some of them on Airbnb.

I meant to say, the hotel and the Airbnb were one and the same,

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With no-one providing air mattresses to their Airbnb guests any longer, these days, perhaps there isn’t that much of a difference between the usual Airbnb room and a room at a small, family run hotel … :wink:

it makes mockery of the oft repeated line “but we can’t be compared to hotels”

I’ve always thought that Airbnb CAN be compared to hotels, hence the conversation: I’m going on holiday, don’t know whether to do Airbnb or hotel.

Something like a telegraph pole can’t.

Yes. There is a Best western near my listing who lists on Airbnb.

I absolutely hate that Airbnb lets hotel like Best Western list on the platform. If they want to put them in a separate category, okay, but when I’m searching for a private room in a home and I get a hotel in the search results I hate it.

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The point I was trying to make was this… the Prague host listed her hotel on the site. I saw it was listed but searched for the name of the hotel itself and found I could book direct for a lot less. I would be spared the cleaning fee, deposit and booking fees. So looking through the listings helped me find her hotel, if that makes sense.

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One of the most expensive 5* hotels in Vienna, Austria, the Grand Ferdinand, is listing dorms on Airbnb. I stayed there last year, and it was almost a 5* experience, at 30 € a night. Breakfast wasn’t included, so I had to pay separately for that.

I just think that it’s too bad that such an original concept like AirBnB was at the start now is getting so diluted …with hotel offerings or real estate agents managing a dozen different apartments at once.

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I agree completely. Perhaps a new company will come along with founders who are happy to just be an owner occupied home share company; a company whose owners are happy to just make a good living, they don’t have to become world dominating billionaires

Yes, it makes me wonder how long we have before this all goes south. Already here in France the widespread abuses of the platform is inciting a ramping up in regulations. We love being hosts and the personal contact with people from all over the world, but this may not last forever. But like you said, maybe another platform will come along.