Does air include the security deposit in the fee?

Does airbnb charge and hold the guest’s credit card the security deposit? Or is that just the maximum amt I can claim if there are damages?

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This is a great question. In September when we booked a place I saw no pending charge on my cc for the host’s security deposit. As a host, I’ve not had to collect so I have no idea how it works. Maybe they use the cc info on file if a claim is approved. Don’t know what happens if the card is declined.

They used to shadow charge it, but not now. I have no idea how it affects payout claim requests. Seems like zero impact. Still I keep it there just for the psychological affect. If they think they put down a deposit in theory they will behave better.

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@konacoconutz I agree with you that it is the threat of a charge that Airbnb is hoping will encourage good behavior.

As I understand it, Airbnb is notifying the guest that upto the amount of security deposit CAN (but isn’t collected at booking) be charged to them if items “go missing” or if there is damage. Two times that I’ve tried to implement a claim, the guest denied responsibility so it became a cost of doing business to me. The security deposit appears to be in most cases a threat but difficult to collect.

You have to have really good documentation. If the guest denies you can ask that Air step in and adjudicate.

They don’t charge it, and it is very hard to collect on it.

If you really need a Security Deposit, many do, AirBnB is not the right platform for you.

They don’t charge a damage deposit from the guest. Basically it’s treated as a maximum compensation. Regardless of what happens, you need to file your evidence using the resolution center. Airbnb acts as the judge and jury here, and decides whether you’re entitled to compensation for the damages or not. And this has nothing to do with damage deposit - even without it, you may or may not get payed depending on which side has a stronger case. If a guest breaks the TV but you have dog hair on the floor, it may be harder to claim.

Some platforms allow you to manage the deposit yourself, but even then the guest could always call their credit card company or file a court case against you.