Do you warn your hot-tub / Jacuzzi users?

Do you have in your House Rules that all kids by the age of 18 need to be supervised by an adult?

Is it needed? How do you word it?

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Such a warning would be smart, that’s for sure. Also warning not to exceed 20 minutes of use (I think that’s right)

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Done. Figured I mentioned it here since it’s so common to have but we need to cover ourselves as well.

You may wish to consider

No glass in the area (plastic containers only)
Depending on your situation, limiting the number of people
adding available hours (i.e. 10AM - midnight) and
allow time for disinfecting and testing.

Might be a thought to see the kind of rules they post in a nearby facility with a hot tub.

…got room for one more? :wink:

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Can’t give time for use though. It’s a part of the house and people LOVE going there at night so that would be strange to use it… plus, there’s not way for me to know.

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We have a rules that say : No Glass, Do not pour any liquids into the tub including water, Nothin Naughty

Also in house rules that if the tub has to be drained bc rules were broken it’s $150.

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I’m going to add the $150 right now. Will I be able to enforce it? Probably not :wink:

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Yes, if it can be proven that guests did this, you can claim on the res center and they should side with you.

I think a lot of people don’t get the res center. The better documentation you have, the better your chances to prevail. Think of it like going to see Judge Judy. :laughing:

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Well, I did it last time (including photos), and they told me no!

I even sent them an invoice which I paid for and they said it was invalid. What a joke! It was for a company that existed for 5 years and I even sent them their Facebook page and they said it wasn’t legit. What do you say to that?

Bad decision, but did you escalate?

That was after I escalated :slight_smile:

Surprisingly, they had very bad attitude about this. I went out of my way and send them ANOTHER price offer from a large company in LA and they said it wasn’t legit due to the fact it had no logo. So… I talked to the company and the sent it to me again WITH the logo and guess what. Now it wasn’t up to their standards. I even sent them their Lic # with the board - nothing helped. It was very strange.

Ugh, very sorry, I hate hearing those stories. Has been a while since I claimed and the company has Without question become far more guest centric.

Speaking of them becoming guest centric, we have this feeling they will be raising percentages on hosts in the comping year, when they will be under pressure to show obscene profits for their IPO. They have already floated the RIDICULOUS idea that we should lower our prices because guests have to pay their service fees! Say what?

Watch out, the days of 3 percent may be coming to an ignoble ending very very soon.

My overall feeling is that things are changing with Airbnb. Something feels different from when I started… call me crazy!

Home owners put a lot on the line and they seem to forget it lately. We are the driven power of this company. Without us there are no bookings. Guests will always exist but it’s not a one side business model here. I really feel that more home owners will drop from AB next year.

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We keep thinking this but it never happens. The number of hosts grows exponentially every year. It’s way out of balance for hosts versus guests. They do not need us as much anymore.

It’s very interesting to deal with the brand new platforms out there who still value hosts because they need them so badly. Glamping Hub for example. That’s how Air used to be in their start up days.

So many hosts and not enough guests? High time to raise the rates to hosts!

That’s a nice approach to consider in giving warning.

I’m not understanding your comments.