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Do you use any specific cleaning services?

I am going to setup my place for renting next week. I see that some people have cleaning charges and others just eat the cost. Do you have any suggestions that might make my place more attractive to potential renters?

I have also been doing some research and found a few apps that allow for maids to come clean but they all end up being rather expensive like 30/hr. ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Specifically I am talking about the possibility of doing something like this? http://www.joeanhalt.com/no-laundry-in-18-months He has been using Airbnb apparently. Outsourcing the cleaning worked for him, regardless of the free cleaning. $20 per time hosting is pretty good right?

Clean yourself. Unless your rates are very high it will be very difficult to make the profit if you hire it out.


The cleaning fee question has been debated here a good bit. I don’t charge one but factor it into my price.

At least start with cleaning it yourself, see how it works for the money you make. And yes, with what my neighbor wants to charge for cleaning, my profit, after taxes and insurance is nil. Hec, I’m doing this business to send my own kids to college, not hers!!

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What do you think about this though? This guy was able to get it all done at $20 per stay. I was reading about this the other day and that’s what got me thinking about what if I helped with cleaning but outsourced the actual laundry/ dry cleaning for my airbnbers?

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