Do you think he will change mind and want refund?

Setting for this particular listing is ‘strict’. This listing is a bit different than my other listing as it’s specifically named and seeking guests a huge motorcycle rally in the area.

We mutually agreed to a 1pm check in (fit my schedule perfectly).

At 2pm on day of arrival, emailed him via ABB telling him I was going to run errands, provided self check in instructions.

He sent the following via ABB:
“My wife had a medical emergency. She passed out on a plane and ended up at the hospital. I am not going to make it. I apologize. I thought I might make the tomorrow but I can’t leave her alone. I completely understand if I need to pay for the weekend and it will not deter me from booking in the future.”

Do you think he will change his mind and expect a refund, and if so, think ABB will allow it? My room is now blocked off, when I could possibly get a guest for this time frame if it was opened up.

If you cancel the reservation, Airbnb will block your calendar for the remaining dates anyway. I would suggest that you just let the booking run, and let him cancel if he chooses to. Don’t get greedy and try to double dip by booking someone else in the room while this guest is still paying for it - even if he’s not using it. So far, you haven’t lost any income, but you haven’t had to do any work for a guest. That’s a pretty good deal!


Thank you for the advice. But I did do plenty of work preparing for this guest, as I do a ‘super clean’ before each guest.
Luckily, I truly only waited one hour for his arrival (I was scheduled for a half day of work anyway), so I’m not out that much on time, except for the cleaning time.
My concern is that he may in the next few days try to get a refund with the whole ‘emergency’ thing with his wife, and then I will truly be out of moola when I could possibly get 1-2 nights rental this weekend, as it’s highly weather dependent and many people make up their mind last minute whether to come or not.

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Should I even respond? So far I’m feeling content to just say nothing more to him. I know I sound overly cynical, but it’s also just as likely his wife didn’t have any kind of fainting spell at all, just didn’t want him to go the motorcycle rally.

Just off the top of my head, I wouldn’t think he will ask for a refund because of the nice note he wrote you, but who knows. I think it might hinge on your response and whether you are equally gracious to him.

I would thank him for letting you know about the unfortunate turn of events; wish his wife a speedy recovery (or whatever); that you know they are disappointed in not being able to complete the trip and that if they change their minds, the room is ready for their stay.

Oh, I just noticed it was only a reservation for him. My error.


Of course you should. He wrote you a lovely note, be equally gracious in your response.


OMG there’s cynical and then there’s just downright misanthropic arsehole behaviour. The guy already said he would pay. What is your problem??

OMG have you ever read the horror stories on here?

Yes I have. And they are REAL stories of stuff that has happened. Not conjecture that somebody’s misfortune might mean you lose out. FFS the guest already said he will pay.

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I’ve read too many stories of alleged misfortune on a guests part to not be overly cynical, but I really appreciate your opinion, it’s awesome. Great name.

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Well, you know what they (used to) say: don’t believe everything you read.
Great expectations produce the best results :wink:

I would have asked him to cancel (since that is the reality). I would have said if I get a replacement booking I’ll give a partial refund, but no refund if I couldn’t. I would have sent along my best wishes for his wife’s speedy recovery. It’s easy to be cynical but I try not to let it poison my enjoyment of the present. I’ve spent way too much time worrying about things I couldn’t control and which turned out perfectly fine.


That is exactly how I responded…kinda :slight_smile: Asked him to cancel, if I re-booked, I would happily provide a refund, and well wishes to the wife.
As of this time, he hasn’t cancelled yet.
I think I’m on edge bc I just have a bad run on guests recently, and it really is not an easy business to be in when it’s not good.
Yet my last guests were two amazing people, it was absolute pleasure to have them visit and be a real "host’ and provide more than just a place to sleep, but a true experience in this area (granola bar-types love it here).
I guess I need to take your advice!


If his wife really is in the hospital then he may be too busy to worry about cancelling or even replying to you right now. It’s time for a “reversion to the mean,” and that means a run of good experiences is overdue. Just call me an optimistical cynic.


I went for a walk tonight, a nice long one, and realized that part of my problem is that I suck at being a business person…I don’t want someone’s money for something they didn’t get.

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Brooke, this is an easy one. Just do nothing more. If he wants to cancel he will.
He already said he would pay. Since you are booked and paid it won’t be possible to get another booking.

Now down the line you may get the dreaded request. Cross that bridge when you come to it. If he doesn’t cancel, enjoy the cash and pay it forward somehow. :heart_eyes:


“misanthropic arsehole behaviour” - you are outright saying the OP is behaving like an arsehole and asking him what his problem is. ?! May be perceived as a harsh and not nice approach. What is your contribution to his initial post aside from deriding him?


I have received the same type of response in posts from her.

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Her. Brooke is a her.

Thank you kona - I should have picked up on that earlier. oops

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