Do you see the new Other Standard fees options?

Do you see the new fee options?
My location: USA

Management Fee
Linen Fee
Community Fee
Resort Fee

A couple of examples. You can choose $$ or %.


How standard fees are applied
The linens fee is added to the cleaning fee. All other fees are rolled into the nightly price for guests when they book.
You’ll get a full rate breakdown in your payout report.

I’m in the UK and have not or ever seen anything like this.

I’m in the US and don’t have a clue what you’re talking about or where it appears on my listing.

I’m in the US and also see those fees. Are you just curious about whether people see them, or did you have other questions about them?

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These options are not appearing for me. Still no per bed fee for those pesky guests who book for two and use two beds. This looks like more stuff for the upper end rentals.

We occasionally have people who book our suite for two people, using both bedrooms. Our HR state that they pay for three people, for the first night only, to cover the extra laundry costs incurred. Seems to work, particularly with one nighters.

I’m also in the US and don’t see this. I assume it would be under the pricing tab.

I’ve wanted a pet fee for years but now I realized I’m second guessing that. If it’s included in the price as an add on or a special offer then Airbnb charges their fee on it. If I send it as a request money, no fee is charged.


I second that. I don’t understand what Air’s problem is with this. I have been asking for it since 2010. It was the first of many infuriating issues.

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Change xxxxxx to your listing number. I saw these new fees a while ago. Not sure if on all accounts that I manage since they all have something different.

So just for the heck of it I added a linen charge to one of my listings
Treehouse in Costa Rica - San Jose
but don’t see it showing up on the app just yet. Perhaps tomorrow?

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I just used the URL you sent and it doesn’t show. I just see the standard fees.

Like Oded, that doesn’t work for me either.

I was mostly curious - to know if it was world-wide release or a local release. airbnb doesn’t seem to usually use the USA for “testing” - but noone else had mentioned them previously. Also, I expected to see (which I do) the usual banter with opinions about the new fees, whether anyone had tried them and if they would or not.

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The link works for me (inputting the listing number, of course) but I don’t have the new charge option. I have:

Cleaning fee
Security deposit
Extra guests
Weekend pricing

I’m in the USA.

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As far as I know the insidious “resort fees” are still an American feature that hasn’t infected the rest of the world, or at least Australia.

You are not interested in receiving or sending faxes while on vacation???

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“the phone in my room couldn’t dial an outside line to use those free local calls, the concierge staff refused to accept the activity voucher for anything I wanted to do, and what the hotel termed a pool was more accurately a water feature”

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So I am in the US and do NOT see anywhere under pricing to add any additional fees except those noted above of cleaning, extra guests, security deposit, weekend pricing. So I have been asking for a LONG TIME FOR A PET FEE since I charge one and have to accomplish it through altering the reservation- ugh what a pain! Maybe it is a beta test being rolled out in certain markets - not sure.

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