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Do you provide SLIPPERS

I was thinking of providing my guests those individually wrapped slippers. I think guests would really appreciate it. Let me know if you guys provide anything like this. And if guests appreciate it

We don’t. Here in Florida slippers aren’t a big thing, IMHO. If out listing had white carpet, then heck yes!


I’m in Florida too and have tiled floors so no, I wouldn’t offer slippers. But what’s important is how much they’d cut into your profit.

The country that the highest percentage of my guests come from is Mainland China. They expect slippers; so I got some shower sandals. We wash them between guests. I wouldn’t provide disposable slippers both because of the environment and my budget.


I have at least 50% Asian guests and they seem to bring their own. But I do supply nice dressing gowns because it’s really cold here and winter and central heating is not the norm plus they are so bulky to pack. Saves me from having to deal with European women getting about in their knickers too, I mean seriously I’m too old for that & I have a 18 yo son who doesn’t want to see it from guests either!

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