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Do you provide any extras (for a supplement)?


I did have my cottage on both Sykes and Air for a while. A really short while. As Sykes calendar is private there is not way to sync it with Air, and it became a bit of a nightmare. Now I just have my rooms on Air and cottage with Sykes. Works great.


I also use Sykes. We only set up in December and we’ve totally been blown away by the bookings. It could be that they strongly market new properties so we’ll see how things go once we’re more established.


Out of interest, how far ahead are the Sykes’ customers booking? I’m fairly choc-a-boc with Airbnb for the next couple of months but the bookings we get seem to be more short term. I wondered if Sykes customers tend to book longer periods further in advance?


I am almost fully booked through September. And have a few through winter also.

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