Do you only make the beds for # of guests?

And are we all too old to remember that sex in different places can spice things up? :rofl: :partying_face:


No, my guests are welcome to sleep wherever they want. They rent the whole house. They can alternate beds if they like.


Really? Do you then wash and replace them when you turn over? Seems like a bad look for you (unmade beds) and a bad situation for the guests, who will be thinking why they are doing your setup…

10+ years as a STR host and I don’t need suspicion or punishment, which is ultimately not what providing 6 pre-made beds and extra sheets for extra beds on a listing with a 6 guest capacity is anyway. I’m in a situation situation where I get to choose between a really great cleaner who cannot make top bunks anymore due to back issues or guests that complain b/c they want a pre-made extra bed for sex or luggage? I’ll take the great cleaner and communicate up front about what to expect on arrival, which is gathered right from the start with check-in forms and custom outreach. Most bad reviews are merely a problem of hosts setting the wrong expectation and underdelivering. We don’t underdeliver. :slight_smile:

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Which is why you need to have a disclosed video camera at the entry, which will discourage “extras”.

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Sorry, what makes you think I have not disclosed this? Yes, they’re disclosed and as KKC mentions if you have ground-floor windows it does not stop guests from entering that way, disconnecting your Internet to knock cameras offline long enough to enter/exit, blocking camera views, or any other form of temporarily obscuring security camera feeds.
Appreciate all the input here and to the OP’s question about making extra beds that’s something we’ve done for years, but the issue of changes in an otherwise A+ cleaner’s physical ability and extra guests (corroborated by a stream of more than 6 guests entering/exiting, cameras being suddenly offline in key check-in/out timeframes, and reports of towel/bed/other usage from cleaners) and is causing me to rethink the approach.
Alternatively, there’s also the option to just remove mention of the extra beds, which I suspect may just be the simpler option at this point.

Many hosts lock the routers/modems in a variety of manners to reduce the chances of this happening.

It might be time to start looking for and training a another cleaner. If they can’t reach the top bunk of a bed there are other things they can’t do and eventually this will catch up with you. It sounds like you have a grace period here.


In my previous Airbnb, I had two twin beds, and I used to make both beds and sure enough, luggage would be placed on the other bed or some Guests would alternate between beds. I then started making just the one bed if there was just one Guest and I would just throw an old duvet/comforter over the other bed. Never had a problem after that :slight_smile:

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We have 9 beds and I make every one, every time, including 3 top bunks. It is 100% for the aesthetic appeal. I make the beds such that I can tell if they have been slept in/played in and if they have not, it’s a gift and I move onto the next bed.

I do only leave only enough towel sets out for the number of people staying. I’ve been places where there are closets full of fresh towels and I think of the nightmare of washing loads and loads of “gently” used towels. I’ve been hosting for about 1 1/2 years and only had one guest ask for more towels.

Happy hosting! :slight_smile:


I make all the bedd because invariable they are going to sleep on them, lay in them, or pile stuff in them. Yes it is extra laundry but better than having someone sleeping on the mattress pad.

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We always make up all the beds, our price is the same for 10 people as it is for 2 people so the laundry costs are covered. We have had couples who sleep in separate rooms (snoring). 4 Adults, 2 females and 2 males with the same surname. You would assume 2 couples but were in fact 4 siblings wanting 4 separate rooms.


We have a base price for 2 guests and a fee for every extra guest.

We only make the beds for the amount of guests that are paid for.

All beds have a sheet to protect the mattress, but no blankets.

2 reasons:

  • cost
  • Slipping in extra guest (“Hey we have 2 extra made beds, let’s call some friends to join us”)
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We have a 3 bedroom whole house rental. We are pretty new to this, only been doing it for about a year. I always make up all three rooms. Even if it looks like any of the beds weren’t slept in, I strip the beds and wash everything before my next guest arrives. I leave out plenty of towels and extra blankets. Whatever I’ve left out for guests gets washed whether it’s been used or not. I wouldn’t leave my beds unmade for two reasons, 1. It just looks bad and 2. I don’t want anyone sleeping on mattress covers.

These days with the pandemic going on, I believe it’s even more important to be extra vigilant with our cleaning practices. If you’ve established what the property is that you’re renting and have arrived at a fair price for the rental, then you’ve built in the cost of cleaning it full after every guest leaves. I don’t really understand why anyone would be asking this question.

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Because it’s a waste of resources and time to do three beds worth of laundry (we also wash duvets, blankets etc) when it’s only a couple staying. I don’t see how you’re surprised a host would try to ask advice for how to improve their processes.


Everything isn’t about money. Washing 5 loads of laundry that quite possibly hasn’t been used or even so much as touched, is a total waste of water and electricity and soap, not to mention your bedding won’t last as long.

First worlders waste water and other resources as if they think it’s something they’re guaranteed to have endless quantities of forever.

I happen to live where I’ve had to scoop the dirty dishwater out of the sink to use on my potted plants, so they don’t all die. Or catch rainwater in a bucket from the spout to flush the toilet. Hearing about people rewashing armloads of laundry that may not have been used makes me cringe.

There’s nothing wrong with hosts trying to figure out how to mitigate unnecessary cleaning.


Because making beds that weren’t used is extra unneeded work.

My answer is to lock off the rooms that they’re not paying for.


Because making more beds than needed is wasteful in so many ways.

  • energy
  • water
  • labour
  • materials
  • pollution
  • wear

It’s not only cost (for host and guest), but the environmental impact.