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Do you mention social distancing/mask use in review of guests?

I know many of you are still not open, but your feed back would be valuable all the same.

I opened up my home-share listing on August 1st after being closed since March 15th. I have a 3-story house that makes it easy to social distance. Guest room/bath on second floor, and I stay in the MIL type apartment in the basement. (With the current state of affairs in the U.S. I may be closing back up again, we’ll see…)

I’ve not seen any host reviews (yet) mentioning whether or not guests were conscientious about wearing their masks and social distancing, so I was wondering if it’s appropriate to bring up in a review? I would want to know, but maybe I’m missing something here.

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@yecatsr I’m not in the exact situation as you. My AirBNB is a guest house on the same property. I set the expectations with my pre-arrival message that lists a few things but the very first item, I mention is social distancing.

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 1.12.13 PM

I’d guess about 9/10 guests opt for the socially distanced in-person checkin. I’ve not encountered anyone who didn’t have masks.

BUT to answer your question, If a guest didn’t follow reasonable guidelines and made me uncomfortable and/or was endangering others I’d probably mention it.

And the inverse is true; I’ve had several guests mention it (as a positive) in their reviews
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Our two Airbnb rooms are closed (we home-share). We don’t expect to reopen until the virus problem is gone.

If I expected guests to wear masks and socially distance (and I would), I’d be sure to put that in the listing, close to the top. I’d include a picture of the outside of our house, with us in it wearing masks. I’d also put it in the house rules. Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel sure that guests knew what I expected, and I wouldn’t be as comfortable mentioning it in my review.

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Did you mean opt for or opt out of?

I have a keypad, but self-check in isn’t really an option for me (they’d never find their room, just for starters.) I have a funky older home that requires a brief tour.

I guess I’m asking because since re-opening all of my guests have been stellar with masking/social distancing. Maybe b/c of the friendly yet stern reminders I send prior to their arrival, not sure.

I’ve had a few groups of WFH-ers that are traveling around to different airbnbs so I wanted to compliment them in the review for future hosts.

As I’ve not personally seen host reviews that mention it, I wanted to run it by the wise forum members to make sure memorializing covid-19 behavior in a review would be appropriate.

I don’t expect them to wear masks 24/7 inside, but it is abundantly clear that they must if they are anywhere near me. I leave sterile surgical masks in the room & bath. I also ask them to cancel for full refund if they cannot abide by my covid guidelines.

I usually don’t see my guests after check-in. Occasionally I’ll see them from literally 20 feet away when they come in the front door. The staircase is right there and they quickly disappear upstairs into their quarters.

Point taken @RebeccaF I will highlight my covid requirements and put them at the top of my listing. I’m not sure about a photo of myself masked, LOL. I suppose a photo of masks in my listing would’t hurt though!

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Thanks for that typo catch; it should have read “opt for” (and now corrected)

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If you have anti-maskers, it is worth mentioning.

I’m high risk plus have an 86 year old father with cancer so I’m a bit over the top with mask wearing & hand sanitizer.

I have two friends who I care about deeply BUT they are anti-maskers. They don’t know anyone who had Covid-19 and believe the hype Is really about destroying the economy

I am a RN. I recognize if something happens to me, Dad is on his own. Plus I live alone. I don’t need or want antimaskers.

They are free to do and feel as they wish but my home is MY home.

If they don’t honor masks & social distancing it will affect when I am comfortable going into the condo and performing cleaning/maintenance.


Yep, at this point, if I had my home-share open for bookings. which I wouldn’t take a risk on, or an entire place listing, and the guests were anti-maskers who put me or my cleaners at risk, I would definitely mention it in a review to warn other hosts.

It’s a helluva lot more crucial to warn other hosts of guest who would blithely put your health and life at risk because of their own personal views than it would be to warn other hosts that the guests left the place a mess.

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Not an issue here in España, the wearing of masks in public places is now enshrined in the law, with exceptions in place of course. Since we reopened every guest has worn a mask and none have taken exception to us “socially distancing” from them.

The only blip was a family from Madrid who, while still in their car, were obviously debating whether to put their masks on. They did.

Fortunately, that is unlikely here, and if we did get some, they wouldn’t get past the street door.

I haven’t seen any host reviews mentioning masks etc, but what we had recently is a complimentary review from a guest, who highlighted the fact that we had protocols in place, masks, gel available and minimal host/guest contact. It was pleasing to see.



Same here @JohnF

I haven’t had problems, with anti-maskers, nor do I anticipate any. Very few of those types visit my visit my city. I live in a super healthy, ultra progressive city, fondly referred to as the “People’s Republic of Boulder”. (Or not so fondly, as it were.) We try to keep the anti-mask faction in Colorado Springs. :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It goes without saying that I would leave a poor review for blatant disregard of pandemic rules. Honestly, I wouldn’t tolerate it and neither would my community.

I guess I did not ask my question very clearly…All my guests since reopening have gone over and above to social distance and wear masks. Is it appropriate or helpful to mention this in a POSITIVE review for potential future hosts who are on the fence? Or is it intrusive to the guest? Maybe they don’t want this info on their profile in perpetuity?

Anyway…after these last reviews it will be a moot point, for my home-share anyway. Pretty sure I’m going to shut down in a week. The US is going to hell in a hand basket again/still.


I’d not mention on a review. Maybe in the listing description, but I don’t see the point to mention it in the reviews.

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Thanks for for the feed back on my question @Miguel!

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