Do you mention in a review when guests are late to check-out?

It happens more than often when guests don’t check-out at 11AM like they should. The last really got on my nerves when I went over to clean the 2 guys were outside telling me he’s in the shower. They left at 11:50.

Yes, it’s in the House Rules. Yes, I shoot them a message at 9:30 AM to tell them I’ll be there a few minutes after check-out time. Basically, So I try not to be a hard-on on this one. I took a day to relax and left a 5 star review (everything else was great).

They didn’t even leave me a review (2 weeks passed). So I’m starting to get sick of late check-outs in my back house. Not sure how to approach it…

How do you?

I don’t. I find it odd to do.

I’m thinking I’ll start leaving reviews with late guests… really didn’t want to but they won’t learn.

I mention it if they arrive early and I didn’t grant an early check in and I mention it if they check out late. Anything more than 5 or 10 minutes.

Please review all guests honestly. I don’t know what you mean by “won’t learn?”


For sure mention it. That is disrespectful.

I would say whatever you planned to about the guests and just add
Unfortunately, xx guest did not respect the check out time.


What @konacoconutz sez. Mention both early and late as she wrote “Unfortunately XX did not respect…”

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I’m going to go with that next time!

Thank you.

Reading these comments, it strikes me that I have a more relaxed attitude to check-in and check-out than most. But I suppose that people are busier in the West and schedules are tighter.

How about dropping the official checkout time to 10am and give yourself some flexibility with selected customers to 11am

When you think about it, 11:00 AM is entirely reasonable. Most people are out and about much earlier, having things to do and people to see. 11:00 AM works for most of the hotels I’ve stayed at.

Time is irreplacable. An Airbnb host needs to be both more thorough in cleaning than most hotels AND they may have multiple rooms and/or a regular job to contend with in addition to their own lives. They may have paid for a cleaning service to be there on time.

You might have a laissez-faire attitude, but the next host may need to move like clockwork. When you mention this in a review, it’s a heads up to the next host. It’s also a flag to potential slugs that this rule is firm.


You know the saying “how you do one thing is how you do everything”?

I bet that even if it’s 9AM, they will still be late. It’s about time management and respect. Moving an hour or two won’t change it in my opinion.