Do you have others on your credit card account and are you allowed to sign contracts for them?

How many of you share a credit card account with your spouse? Meaning you each have a card in your own name but share the account??

What rules apply to this? I’ve had a couple situations where the card holder has a different name. But the spouse is the one who fills it out and signs.

Then the ID I am sent is of the credit card holder. But…I actually don’t have a signature of the credit card holder since the spouse filled out the agreement.

Anyway…I need everything to match and am just going to be VERY VERY clear in my correspondence before signing. Just because someone tells me they share the same credit card account…I don’t have any proof of that! It’s just their word. That’s why I need it all to match.

Anyway…my question is not at all about my policies.

This is my question: Does your card company consider your signature to be the same effect as your spouse on the account??

The people have responded that they are married and on the same account. So…I am genuinely curious if Credit card companies say that each card holder on the account can sign for each other. That still won’t change my policy because I have no idea if they really share an account.

My guess is the “guest” who is signing is only thinking of “authorization.”

And for me - I am only thinking of any possible chargeback where the card company is going to ask me to produce the cardholder’s signature, and ask how I verified that the person signed is the cardholder.


I think only the name on the card can authorise payment, whether it’s a shared account with a spouse or not.
I realised this recently when I was making a phone payment on a shared account and had inadvertently used my husband’s card. When it came to reading back the name on the card, the payment was put on hold until I trotted off to find my husband, he confirmed on the phone that he was the name on the card and authorised payment, I then took over filling in the rest of the details.
You would have thought this would apply to signatures as well?

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One card account- our cards gave the same #s. Others do not. Regardless- we can’t legally sign each others names. I’ll do the clerical whatnot for most everything and I know its commonly done that way… but things will also be in my name with my card etc.


The last time I had an authorized user on my CC account, they got their own card with their name on it. They weren’t legally responsible for charges, which makes it different from a joint account.

The simplest solution might be to add a line to your contract for the CC holder to sign as an additional party.

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Agreed. Back in my married days I added hubby had as card holder on the American Express I had before marriage. He could only use his card with his name on it. If I remember correctly The card number differed from the primary card by one digit.

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