Do you follow up with Airbnb enquiries?

After you respond to an enquiry, do you follow up or just leave them be? How has your approach influenced your booking outcomes? What about the option to offer a special rate? What are your best practices and why? Thanks.

I occasionally follow up but usually whoever will book will book!

Yeah, I’m feeling the same way. I’m also concerned that offering a special offer is opening the door to a guest that wants to take advantage of me.

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I don’t follow up – it just seems pushy to me. I don’t do Special Offers, either.

Besides most of our inquiries are people I wouldn’t want to book anyway – young folks asking if they need a car to get around and how far it is to the beach, people wanting a parent to come by and check out the place before they book, people wanting more than we offer…

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Thank you for asking about responses to inquiries. I’ve got one now that isn’t following the same path as my prior inquiries.

I always respond to inquiries. Probably 90% of the time I get the rental.

However for the on the 10% who don’t book,do you archive the inquiry after a few days? Is that the correct way to get it off my dashboard?

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I only follow up on an inquiry if it felt like they were seriously considering us. I find a lot of inquiries are because people are still researching our island and comparing it to other Caribbean islands to decide where to vacation. If that’s the case, I may get back with “do you have other questions about St Lucia or our home that I can answer for you?” if I have not heard back in about a week.

I never (ok, almost never) make any special offer voluntarily if they inquired and I didn’t hear back from my first response. It sends a signal that I’m desperate to book and willing to negotiate on price. Our business model is service and a wonderful experience, not a low price.

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