Do you feel guests getting more and more demanding these days?

I just got an inquiry , guests said she want to check in at 6am and check out at 6pm. I told her I can’t do it because previous guests haven’t check out yet and neither on check out day because I will lose one more day sale, I gave her for heavily discounted rate on check out day, she said no and said if I can’t let her check in at 6am check out 6pm she will book somewhere else. I said all the best!

And it happened very often. Yesterday someone suppose to drop off bags at 12pm. Her boyfriend called me at 11am want to check in, I told him check in time is after 4pm I need clean the place. He said 4pm is too late he need check in at 12pm the latest. … Also said he work at hotel , even hotel let guests check in at 12pm why can’t I do it?

Can’t be bothered to argue with them , everything sorted but it’s just really piss me off . If I let you check in early or late it’s a favour but guests seems like don’t understand and they think if they being difficult I will let them in earlier or later.

To be honest I’m not having too much of an issue with this at the moment. I have check in and check out clearly listed and I contact guests asking when they’d like to check in within those times. When they ask for anything I can’t accommodate I say I’m at work (even when I’m not.) they can’t really come back after that.

You need to have check-in and check-out times boldy displayed in you listing, and just say NO to any requests for early or late unless it’s convenient for YOU nor the Guests!

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I have it set in my listing. 4pm checkin, 10am checkout.
I have it in my description.
I have it in my rules. I have a few rules, and the first rule is “1. Read ALL house rules. You will be responsible for following the rules. Full details are available in the “description” section. Please ask all questions regarding the rules before booking.”. So they agreed to all my rules when they book.
I still get asked about early checkin and late checkout all the time.

My favorite is when they book with a message of, “can I check in at 2pm?” or “can I check out at noon?”. Then I have to ask myself… do I accept them and then tell them no, or do I message them and risk them not answering in time or even cancelling their request? So I just accept them and then send them my saved answer about early checkin and late checkout. Supposedly… they read the rules and already know that my answer will be no… they must just feel they need to doublecheck since I have it listed repeatedly…

In the last week, we’ve had 4 enquiries/requests for single day stays - from mid-morning until mid-evening all from local couples. Someone even asked us if we have hourly rates.

Charge them triple .

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I’m not having this problem. I do expect that as Airbnb gets more popular and well known that more problems will arise. I’ve tripled my number of bookings since I started 3 years ago but I haven’t tripled the number of difficult guests, in fact I have fewer problems. I think that’s because I’ve learned and adjusted what I’m doing.

We’ve seen an increase in this type of thing as well, lots of “requests” that we are unable to fulfill (due to being so booked).

Also lots of “petty” things surrounding cleanliness, we’ve never had dings on cleanliness and all the sudden we are getting people who are picking things apart.

One guest recently complained that our cat was allowed to roam the house? I address the fact we have two animals (1 cat, 1 dog) and the dog goes into his kennel when we are not home, while the cat has access to the full house BECAUSE HES A CAT. If you want him to stay out of your room you close the door… ITS MY CAT.


I do that as well. always message guests immediately about our check in check out time and ask what time they will check in and check out. however this can’t stop some people pretend didn’t read rules …

often they are Singaporean or Indian or Hongkong or Chinese. one day I cancelled someone 4 times she keep book it then I called airbnb to cancelled her 4 times. because she won’t give up keep asking 11am check in regardless how many times I told her can’t be done… you know what airbnb did? airbnb blocked my date so she cant book it again! as a result others can’t book as well. OMG!

I’ve had a couple of inquires I wasn’t 100% comfortable with (I have instantbook so this is rare). So I answered their question and then blocked the date. A couple of days later I unblocked it and it usually gets booked. So in this case I would have blocked after she rebooked the first time. It’s something to consider if i might work for you.