Do you dream about your bnb?

This could be a funny thread if people want to share their literal Airbnb dreams–or nightmares!

In my dream, I woke up inside our bnb and the poor guests were sleeping on a spare bed. My first thought after “How did this happen?” was that we would need to give them a refund. Also, this was an extra room I had never seen but apparently my husband knew about and had been keeping clean. The furniture was awful and it had a view onto a stormy black and white ocean. My next thought was, with this extra room with a view, we are way underpriced! :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to consult Jungian dreams analysis. What’s your funniest or most frightening Airbnb dream?

Never had a single dream. Which I guess means I’m really not that bothered about it because I constantly had dreams when I was a chef.

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So funny that you created this thread when you did.

I have never dreamed about my Airbnb until last night, and it was definitely a nightmare! LOL!

Last night I hosted a New Year’s Eve get together for some family and friends. I had about 10 people over, with all the food, drink and champagne that entails. I almost never leave messes like that until the next day, but the last reveler didn’t leave until about 2 AM, I was exhausted and I left the mess and went to bed.

In my dream, my husband returned from work at 7:30 AM (he works nights) and woke me to tell me he was about to let our guests into the house (apparently we were allowing for very early check in!). I was horrified because, in the first place, I didn’t even know this guest was coming, and on top of that I knew the kitchen and living areas of my house were a disaster zone, so I knew I would be getting a 1 for cleanliness!

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That’s a good one. I bet you’re already back at 5 stars. Happy new year!

I only dream about things that are on my mind or stress me out. I don’t think I stress about AirBNB.

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I do this all the time and don’t even want to get into the dreams I’ve had. Then again, I apparently have a very active dream life. I can’t tell you how many times I wake up exhausted.

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I don’t think I ever have really but thanks to this topic, I did last night! Here it is.

Someone told me that eight guests had arrived at our 450 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment that sleeps a maximum of two guests. And they were all young men. Then I saw them parading past my door. I lived directly opposite the rental. They were in town to take part in some sort of Paralympic games and the able bodied ones were carrying the less-abled. They had obviously been boozing and my main concern, apart from the overcrowding, was the possibility of boozy upchucks.

Dream interpreters and Freudians - please have fun with that one :slight_smile:

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@jaquo, sounds like somewhat of a nightmare with the fear of overcrowding and vomiting! FWIW, it seems positive that the guests were helping each other. :slight_smile:

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