Do you crack your windows with heat and A/C on?

Once in a while I find kitchen or bathroom windows slightly open when A/C or heat has been cranking.

Only once have I found almost of all the windows in the home cracked. And once I found three wide open with the A/C still on - but I do believe that one was an honest mistake.

I am looking for a system that will notify me that window is open (after a certain time period…maybe 20 minutes??) with heat/A/C running, and it will automically shut it off. I can then notify the guests why it is shutting off.

I consider myself to be lucky but I don’t want to wait until some smoker rents for the week - opens every single window during the dead of winter, and ends up doing more damage than just an outrageious electric bill.

How many of you do leave windows cracked? I had a roommate who always did this and she was raised with having a little bit of fresh air come in during the winter. But I am thinking there isn’t a system to detect a slightly open window versus having the whole thing wide open??

You could make a device to detect open windows fairly easily, but I don’t believe there is a commercially available system for doing so.

You mean create a device that lets you know the A/C is running with windows open?

I have other heard other hosts mention (I think NEST) or something similar that will auto shut off the heat system if doors or windows are open after so long. But not sure if it would detect a slightly open window??