Do you charge to send on left property?

If a guest leaves anything behind, our cleaner will pack it up and send it back to them. Obviously there’s a postage charge, but is it OK to charge a handling fee too as I’ll be paying my cleaner for her time and also there’s the cost of the packing (usually a strong poly posting bag).

I don’t want guests to feel we’re ripping them off but this can all add to our costs. The last lot have left something quite fragile so it’ll need extra packaging too.

Of course it is, just let them know and make sure they pay before you return the item

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If they are careless enough to leave something behind, then they should expect to cover the cost of having it returned; they are ripping you off if they expect you to do so for free! I’m lucky I’m on site and can check as soon as folk leave. I’ve phoned people before they are too far away, to suggest they collect forgotten items. Otherwise I ask, via the platform, if they want it sending, where to, and include a handling fee. I’ve never yet been asked to send anything and now have a splendid collection of international chargers.


Absolutely. Shipping, handling postage and time to take it there. Prepaid of course. You could always tell the guest to send a courier to get it at their expense.

If it’s always happening, you might want to put it in your checkout reminder list.

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Yes, I do.

You can read more about it here:

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Anything left behind is the sole responsibility of the guest. If they want it returned they must send a prepaid box and or envelope and I will send back


For me I only charge for the cost of shipping as this is a very simple and kind thing to do. Since I’ve become forgetful in my old age I can certainly see myself needing the favor in return. I have tons of shipping materials that I recycle. I have USPS flat rate boxes on hand. Because I’ve sold stuff on ebay I’m already familiar with and set up to print out postage online. I have a postal scale. Ideally I pack it up and schedule the letter carrier to pick it up at my house. But if not there multiple post offices and shipping companies where I can drop it off close to my house when I’m out doing something else.

If it were a major production as it would be for some hosts I would charge for my time as well.

For me it would mean a trip to the P.O. which is an hour round trip, and that is not small.

I’ve never had to return anything left by my guests in the 8 years I’ve been doing this.

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