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Do you allow guests to smoke outside?


I am assuming the majority of hosts here offer non-smoking properties. For those of you in urban or suburban environments it is probably not an issue if your guests choose to smoke outside your condo or co-op, but in my rural environment I am worried about brush fires. My location can get pretty dry in the summer months (especially in the last few years of increased drought and global warming) and our local volunteer fire department issues burn bans regularly.

I don’t want the risk, I don’t want the butts and I do not want to provide outside containers in which smoking guests can dispose of their butts. Am I alone on this?


Many people “vape” now, which presents less of a fire hazard. I have them ask sometimes, and invariably they are super courteous when they have asked. But then again, I am here to watch, or in the case of the vaping, listen, as it sounds like a iron lung being used. :rofl:

If you provide containers, that is like saying you approve.


Agreed. Vaping, though, fine. No fire hazard, less smell.


I have no smoking on my property in my rules. This is more to discourage smokers from booking compared to actual caring about smoking outside. I worry if they smell like an ashtray will make the furniture and beds smell.


Occasionally we have a severe fire ban but otherwise if they want to smoke they can do so outside.


Do you allow candles or mosquito coils? Perhaps this could be covered in a general ban - both indoor and out - on anything that requires a flame to ignite it, including cigarettes and cigars, pipes, candles, mosquito coils, etc. Explain it is due to extreme danger of brush fires.

We are rural, but the parking area is covered in pebbles and there is an umbrella and chairs there. The few guests that have smoked went there and used a soda bottle with water in it for their cigarette butts. We don’t provide ashtrays or any other receptacles.


I’m afraid I don’t “offer” such, I mandate it! And I’ve moved on to no smoking outside because I don’t want to pick up, or even see, fag butts, front or back of the house

Confession: I was a dedicated smoker, and heavy, for 30 years. I started vaping as a challenge five years ago (guess who…) and have not had a fag for 4 yrs, 10 months since. However, I can’t bear the vaping fashions that have arisen in recent years, with smelly clouds of fruity vapour being blown in your face. Like that’s cool? My addicted nicotine levels are kept above board, whilst I’ve kicked the rest of the chemicals that were doing me so much harm. So, no smoking tobacco in or outside but vaping allowed, so long as it’s not smell laden.


Thank you, all! I see I am not alone, but there is also some wiggle room. I should have mentioned that I offer my whole property and I am not onsite. I don’t encourage candles. All the candles in the cottage are fake. Mosquito coils are fine because they come in containers. It’s the flicking of ash and throwing of butts that annoys me.

Plus, I’m with @Brandt on this - heavy smokers smell. I don’t want that smell and I do want to discourage smokers all together.


I allow smoking outside mostly because I don’t believe in having rules that I can’t enforce. I simply say no smoking and when someone asks I say they can smoke out in front. My past few smokers have gone out to their cars, or out to the street thankfully. In the woods I’d probably find myself providing a place for butts so they don’t flick them out into the brush.


The trouble is that smokers will go to all lengths to cover up the smell. Poisonous air freshners, for one. And they will try to hide any evidence if you ban it completely which could lead to problems. Unless you’ve had major problems with smokers, I would stick to being upfront about the reasons for strict controls. Smokers are not by default stupid people!


No. Smoking is gross, costly to you, and offensive to most guests.


Please reconsider. They are highly toxic (each coil contains the same toxic matter as burning 175 cirgarettes.) Also, an entomologist who stays with me frequently for field research on dengue told me they hav the reverse effect. They actually draw mosquitoes to you.

I have banned them on my property, everywhere.


We declare our condos as ‘smoking allowed’, however, in the house rules, we mention that smoking is authorized on the terrace only.
So far, in 3 years, no one ever broke such rule. :slight_smile:


@konacoconutz I don’t supply them, but if they want to buy them and use them they can. I like a little battery powered beeper-like thing that OFF makes.


As an English smoker (until last year) now living in America, I had to be careful not to use the word ‘fag’.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I say no smoking anywhere on the property. We’ve had the occasional smoker who will go onto the street but to be honest I’d rather we didn’t have them at all - I hate all the coming and going and smokers have no idea how much they stink (I’m an ex smoker and was absolutely horrified when my sense of smell came back that I could have ever stank so bad).

Also the fire risk is very real here too. We have fire bans all summer


As a life-long non-smoker who has a phobia about even putting a cigarette near her mouth (I once lost a part in a play because I couldn’t smoke a fake cigarette) I am pretty relaxed about smokers on our property. We don’t allow smoking inside or by the pool, but on their terrace is fine. I find many smoking guests these days are so pleased to find that we don’t condemn them (I even provide ashtrays) that they’re very discreet and polite. I’ve not had any problem with smells.

Agree with Joan about vaping, though. My son gave up smoking and now vapes, for which I’m obviously very thankful, but I can’t also can’t bear the “fruity” scents.

@jaquo I bet you don’t ask to borrow a rubber when you want to erase a pencil mistake, either!


Abso-bloody-lutely I don’t! And when I’m craving Indian food I’ve learned NOT to say ‘I could murder an Indian’, :slight_smile:

Two countries divided by a common language…


@jacquo - but you are sure to wear your fanny pack whenever you go sightseeing …right?


Hehehe :slight_smile:

Really, it’s all so tricky!

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