Do you accept pets?

We do not accept dogs, or rabbits or hedgehogs any more! (Yes, we have had them all). I now say “no pets” period. Too much work, and like children, they are all touted as being little angels.

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Chicago…Supposedly Air needs ID to open new accounts… To avoid the problem of a new account after a lot of bad reviews.

Jack, love the dog blanket!

Sandy, have not heard the three strikes. I wonder if NIGHTMARE Jennifer H from Portland OR will even get another chance to have two more strikes or even to book after the scathing review I left her! And I sometimes wonder about the local bum she invited here… would she contact him and have him come back and retaliate on me? Hope not… it was in February… so far so good. Oh yeah, she was a “quiet professional looking for some sun.” No she wasn’t. She was a lying party bitch who hooked up with strangers and completely disrespected my house, my house rules and my neighbors.
Foot stomp! That experience almost made me close my doors!!!

I think she violates the TOS with that kind of language… And this is a bichon owner?? ugh… people are horrible!

Thanks! Can’t remember where I got it. Probably bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Yeah, I’ve seen it. That’s why I used to offer to sit the dogs people wanted to bring to my airbnb and the. Just dump in the bedroom to wee and poo while they went out and had fun and went to restaurants. Except they didn’t want to pay for it to be taken for walks and have company etc. That’s why they had brought it up in the first place… To save money. I then made a rule, no leaving pets longer than an hour or two during a quick meal in a restaurant, except people would then stay out half the night after dinner with drinks etc and just he aI didn’t notice, or say anything at least (I wouldn’t, but I would fume that people would blatantly and deliberately break my rules and not care).

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I used to accept dogs but now I qualified for business and Im not allowed to accept dogs.I was very lucky;all my dog owners were very responsible and left the place spotless. I even had one couple that made sure their dog wore shoes when he went outside:grinning:

I have a rule that if dogs are left unattended, they must be crated. One of my guests marked me down as I put an older, but nice comforter on the bed, not the one from pics as he was bringing large dog. Said picture was misleading, that was in private comments. He was a bit fussy, said my place was rustic, when it’s a finished home with ceramic tiles and drywall. Not a log cabin with plywood floors and an outhouse.

My dog is 9yrs old and refuses ti be in a crate. I tried when he was a pup and it was a debacle.