Do monthly minimum rentals book?

I’m a newbie and looking for some advice regarding monthly rentals to avoid the local law headaches. Doing a month to month rental would simplify issues and keep it legal in Denver. Does anyone have advice/experiences/thoughts on this topic?

Thank you!

You don’t want to book longer than 29 days or the tenant is converted to a month to month tenant with all the rights that status confers. If you want to rent to them longer term, renew in 29-day blocks.

Yes, thank you…I did know that and need to research how to go about renewing that lease every 29 days…I’m more wondering if those kinds of rentals are common and if people who airbnb that way are consistently booked. Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s my market (the NY area) but I very rarely get inquiries for monthly rentals. I’ve had my listings on Home Suite which specializes in monthly rentals, and not one single bite. I’m thinking that maybe if I was close to a college or a teaching hospital or something it might be different, but for me it’s not a viable option.