Do I HAVE to leave a review for awful guests?

Hilarious maybe, but nasty as feck. The guests left a lovely review. End result: the host looks like a passive aggressive twat. And that guest is mortified and will never use airbnb again. Lose-lose all round.


I hate the whole review process. NO ONE can be honest, either guests or hosts. If a guest is honest, hosts may be leery of them. If a host is honest, it looks mean to other guests. And, I wish AirBnb would further explain and define the ratings when guests put them. I am not a 5 star hotel. I am a place to stay that is less than half the price in my resort area. It is clean, comfortable, quiet, and nicely decorated. I do my best for my guests. My listing describes things fully. But it is not 5 star accommodations. And many of my guests leave positive comments, but quite reasonably rate it 4 star. This seems to be a no no in Air Bnb which expects 5 stars.

I too am afraid to be honest in my reviews. Should I state that the first thing some recent guests did was take the guest towels to the beach and get black stains on them? Then they washed and dried them so that I couldn’t remove the stains? All with me here, without asking?

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The review system is the lifeblood of Airbnb, and other similar platforms.

Without it, a peer-to-peer platform (often referred to as the misnomer ‘sharing economy’) would never work. Ordinary individuals would never be able to offer their services to the market, to this scale and reach.

The only scalable alternative is big business: spending huge amounts of capital up-front and creating a brand over time - Hilton, Holiday Inn…