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Do hosts have to review all guests?

You would think I would know the answer to that by now. I have always left reviews for guests, but I had a guy instant book on me, forgot to knock it off and he was as odd.

I cannot think of anything really nice about him. He got lost saving a few pennies by bus and I had to go looking for him and never said thank you. He spent the night going up and down the stairs and opening the front door, I put the two kids in my bed and booted himself out. Hubby stayed up all night as was afraid to sleep with his odd behaviour. He said he was a doctor but I think that was in his head. Thankfully he was gone early down the country the next morning.

I try to think of one nice thing to say, but he just creeped us all out

You don’t have to review, but for the sake of future hosts, please leave this guy an honest review!


No you don’t have to review, but please do. Just say exactly what you said here. No need to say he’s odd or you felt afraid. Just say he got lost and had to be helped to your place and then spent all night going back and forth.


Have never left a bad review and always try to find one good thing. Am trying to put my business head on and not say, felt he was rude and obnoxious and very odd.

You know by their messages beforehand if they are weird, I asked him what time was his flight and he said as I have already told you. He never told me and just felt he was being a bit rude. I know there can be cultural differences but I was in Greece and found the locals very friendly.

You know when something is just not right, and you can’t put your finger on it. It has made me review the instant booking because I would probably have declined him as he looked like a mass murderer ( am not kidding ) but he was on his way before I got a chance to google him.

Thanks for the advice, will mule something over in my head to say

We have to remember that our reviews are for the future host. Would you have wanted to know some information about this guest?

My questions usually are:

  • Did they communicate well?
  • Did they break the house rules?
  • Were they clean? quiet?
  • Will I host them again?

I know it’s hard to review a “he creeped me out” but you say. We weren’t comfortable with a bit of unusual behavior (odd behavior.) Going up and down the stairs and opening the front door the entire night.

That he didn’t say thank you means he was just rude.

I did a class about reviews and you can watch it here:

“Airbnb Reviews: Make them Work for You”

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These are subjective terms and could easily upset & are open to wide interpretation and ‘fatal attribution error’ as we call it in psych - wrongly interpreting a behaviour means all these negative things about a person but really their just upset as their grandmas dying etc. Just keep it to the facts: I went looking for him at his request when he was lost, I was concerned as he paced up and down the stairs at night etc and if he was clean, on time, etc you can put these as positives. As a host its important to leave both the good and bad for the benefit of all or we’ll all be caught out in the end. No need to be harsh though, especially if you do think he’s a bit crazy,


You misunderstood, I have not written any review yet, that was my description of him to fellow hosts here on the forum.

I try to evaluate all my guests based on the criteria we get from airbnb, and in fairness most of them have been fine, several amazing, one or two odd ones. He fits into the odd ones. I have never written a “bad” review of a guest before and its actually much harder than I thought. I want to be fair to him but honest for other hosts. In one way, I could have got him on a really bad day and the next day he could be more relaxed not stressed after travelling and getting lost. I really dislike doing a review in general for the guests who basically sleep a few hours and eat breakfast and go and you never see, am waffling now sorry.

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