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Do Guests Read?

Hi all,

We’re running a free webinar in a few hours looking at the question:

If Guests Don’t Read Why Bother Writing?

If you’d like to join us, you can sign up to attend using this link.

In all these webinars (we’ve done 6 now) we offer attendees the opporunity to submit their own website or listing for a live critique. Despite the word critique, it’s really quite a painless experience as we’re kind people :slight_smile:
We explain how to submit that at the start of the webinar. Would love to have the perspective of some Airbnb hosts!



Fantastic. I think I missed it, but next time. I think it’s necessary to write everything in your description for CYA. Plus there are some who read it. I tell people considering hosting that they can offer or not offer anything as long as they describe it exactly. I have had trouble when I travel finding out information the host should’ve put into their listing. It’s important to know how many people are on a shared bath. Many hosts do not describe this. Looking forward to a future webinar,.

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See you this Friday on our brainstorming webinar then ChrisC :slight_smile:

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