Do all guests on the reservation receive messages?

Hi all. I did a forum search and wasn’t successful at an answer.

I have three people on a reservation. Will all receive messages (check-in instructions) or just the person who made the reservation? This is a local booking and all may not be arriving at the same time. If not, I’ll keep using the app, but ask the primary to pass on all messages to the rest of the party. Thanks.

Just the person with the reservation.

The person who makes the booking can share self check in instructions with the others. That is their responsibility to co-ordinate with guests on their booking. Not yours. @AlaskaDan

Thank you both. Take care

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@AlaskaDan It’s a good idea to tell the booking guest to make sure to share not only the check-in info, but house rules, and any other important info with the rest of the guests, especially if they aren’t all arriving at the same time.

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@KKC Are you certain? Last month when I stayed in Colorado I added my mom and friend as guests. Each is a registered Airbnb member. I could swear that they each got all of the communications directly from our host. I was surprised, as I thought only I would get it.

Things are changing so quickly on the platform w/ no notice to hosts - very frustrating.

Oh yes, if they are registered Airbnb members. My answer was based on my trip to Boston last summer. We were a group of 8 and though I listed all of us on the reservation, I was the only one getting any messages of course.

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