Disrespecting my check in windows

I know that has been mentioned before but lately I have been having guests tell me they are checking in at a time, then all night long being told it’s going to be later (after my check in time).

This seems to be a new thing in the last few months.

Last night the guest started at a 5:30 check in to eventually inform me that he will be checking in very late. The previous guests did the same and eventually checked in at 1:30 am. He said “I just have to put in a code so why should yo care?”

I informed him that per house rules that he said he read and agreed to that I charge a late fee (and yes it’s in my rules but we all know that Airbnb will not back me up) may be applied if he coming in past the them. I explained to him that it’s just the first night that I need to make sure he finds the suite and that he can get in using the codes.

(Note - GPS sometimes takes guests to the back of my house on a different road. I warn the guests of this and give detail instructions but as we all know guests don’t read. And then of course, there is the issue of smart locks. My entry door works slightly different than 2nd floor suite lock. And yes there are links to video on using but again guests don’t read. And of course, batteries can fail. ( I have a back up hidden key set on the front porch in a lock box with the code hidden behind a painting.)

I even give my guests my landline number if after 11 pm because my cell phone shuts off but I let them know they will be waking me up but it’s ok if they are having trouble checking in.

But again folks don’t read.

Last night the guy did eventually show up before 11 but couldn’t figure out the door code and then didn’t realize that the whole suite was for his use not just a bedroom. (He was trying to sleep in the room above my be which is not allowed and woke me up again.)

I just don’t sleep well until I know the guests have found the suite and all is well.

Is there anything I can do or say in my messaging that might actually work?

Is it me that has to change my attitude? Am I being too much of a “MOM”?

This is becoming a trend and need to figure out how to stop it.

Note - If I guest communicates ahead of time that a flight is coming in late or I get notified of a delay I emphasize with the guests and don’t feel resentful. It’s these entitled younger guests that want to party all night and then worry about finding their bed to rest their heads at night.

Sorry for the novel.

This doesn’t happen often, but I encourage people who do this to check in first before they go out again for the evening. Unfortunately our town restaurants are usually closed by 10 so I also have to advise people to eat on their way to my place. Trying to do both can be a challenge for guests so I occasionally have to tell them to self check. I too, don’t usually fall asleep until I hear them come in.

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What I’m seeing is that the guests give me a reasonable time to check in so I’m not concerned but then they keep messaging me that it’s going to be later and then eventually way past check in. It’s not travel issues,I believe it’s a level of entitlement and disrespect for my time. I do think I’ll add that if you think you will be out late, check in first and then enjoy.

Glad to hear that you too have trouble falling asleep until they check in.

Can you change the other lock which is different so both locks are the same and easy to operate?
We do self check ins sometimes as we don’t want to wait for guests when they are late. It makes our and their life easier.
When a guest texts me with later arrival I send them detailed description how to find their room saying that I won’t be up and it shouldn’t be any problems with finding a room.
Check in is the first reason why I prefer to stay in a hotel with 24 hours reception.

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Unfortunately no because it would require me to drill new holes into very old doors. I’d probably have to replace the doors. And sadly, it’s not hard to use the locks, it’s the guests. There’s a link to the video on how each door works with the check in info. I even have to leave instructions in the bathroom on how to use the shower and how shower curtains work.

There’s also the issue that if folks don’t read my message about how the gps auto-corrects the address it takes you to the wrong street behind my house. I’ve written to ever GPS direction company and while some have fixed this problem some have not.

I think the issue is that you have “Self Check-In” selected as an amenity. And that is one they highlight at the top of the listing. You may have chosen it/ticked it simply because you have the smart locks but it’s advertised and highlighted specifically as self check-in. When I search for a place, one of the only filters I ever use is the Self check-in filter. And I use it specifically when I am unsure of what time I will be checking in. I do that to be conscientious. I don’t want to inconvenience a host.

You do have it very well explained and it’s very clear in your listing that despite the self check-in I would still need to coordinate check-in with you and that you’d prefer I be there before 11 pm. I read everything before I book something so if your listing still worked for me (though it probably wouldn’t if I’ve filtered for self check-in), then I might inquire with you before booking and make sure that my (likely unsolid) plans were going to be okay with you. And I don’t doubt that we could work it out.

However, we all know that most guests are not going to do all that, not even the reading part. They are going to either book from filtering or maybe read what’s at the top of the listing and act accordingly, which is self check-in for your listing.

I think your check-in process that you described is absolutely fine. It sounds warm and welcoming and it’s something that a lot of listings no longer offer. And if it’s what you prefer then it is absolutely perfect. There’s nothing wrong with your check-in process.

But it isn’t self check-in. I think the solution to your problem is as simple as removing the self check-in. Otherwise, I can see how you’re going to be just hitting your head against a wall over and over.


Sadly, no. I’ve had this same issue with people who have disrespected the check-in time because they’ve found a cool place to eat and listen to music on the way here. I emphasize that I’m an in-home host and have to greet them when they arrive. Try putting that in your house rules instead of self check-in?

I have this exact same problem and that guest from heck didn’t read, didn’t respond to texts saying “Eat in Tampa, nothing open here and I don’t feed people,” then showed up, said “Gee, nothing’s open,” and when I pointed out my ONE sentence that said eat in Tampa, she (a Host! haha, not) said she didn’t read. That week went downhill from there.

I don’t sleep until they check in.

I’ve seen this several times.

Good luck, but as @JJD pointed out, the self-check-in seems to be the issue. Change it for the month and see what happens.

It is self check-in - I just asked for a 2 hour window. I stopped meeting my guests years ago because they never showed up when they said they would.

I think I’m between a rock and hard place.

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Ok, I can see why you think that not greeting them is self check-in, but that is not the Airbnb definition of self check-in.

Self check-in specifically requires that a guest can access the listing “any time after their designated check-in time on their arrival date”. So it can’t have an end time like 11pm. And it also means that the guest can access the listing without needing the host to be there. So there shouldn’t have to be any coordination with the host regarding what time the guest is going to check-in , as long as it’s after the posted check-in time.

The whole point of self check-in is that you can check-in independently whenever you want without coordinating with the host.

Sorry, no, you’re between what you think self check-in is and what self check-in actually is.

I know that this kind of conclusion is the Boston-way but it’s not them. It’s your listing conflicting with your house rules.


you really wrote this? hmmmmm…

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She wrote it twice actually.


I agree with JJD that you should remove “self check-in.” You can’t have it both ways- not wanting to check them in personally, but dictating what time they arrive.

Since you live there and it seems guests often get confused about check-in procedures, I suggest you go back to checking them in personally and after that they are free to come and go with the keypad.

It’s much easier to change one’s own behavior than other people’s.

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This. I don’t advertise self check in because I’m a home share host, but also because I don’t want to wake up at 0200 when they stumble in and I’m reaching for the phone to call 911 because of the unexpected noise.

It’s one thing if flights are delayed - I’ll stay up or doze on the couch to make sure they get in OK. But the 0200 because they wanted to party in town means they get charged an additional $30 (I may raise it to $50) for the inconvenience as I don’t run a hotel - I run a home share. And it states that in my HR.

This. Not really sure why you wrote this or which ethnic group in their 20s to which you refer. But am a bit shocked.

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Unfortunately, guests NEVER arrive when the say they will.

You all gave me some food for thought on the self -checkin. I really thought that if you have set times but allow the guest to checkin during that window its self-check in.

I will not go back to waiting for guests to arrive because I just won’t waist my time like that.


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Re: ethnic group - correlation is not causation!


Nope, I can’t check people in. I am not greeting folks right now due to covid. I have a problem maybe 1 out of 50 check ins and it’s usually when people don’t read the info.

Also, I checked and while self-check in is an option on how they get in, you still have the option to put in check in times so I think more than I am confused.

I just tried to change it but there isn’t a specific check off box about check in only type of entry (lockbox, keys, etc,)

I looked and self-check in doesn’t seem to be an amenity to check off . And my listing is listed with set times of arrival.

When I did a private browser and searched as a filter it came up with this "
“Self check-in
Easy access to the property once you arrive”

That really doesn’t say check in at any times, just easy access. I don’t think Airbnb is truly clear about this.

I just checked airbnb and you don’t have the option to list Self-check in just how the guest obtains access to the property and when as a guest you search it says "I looked and self-check in doesn’t seem to be an amenity to check off . And my listing is listed with set times of arrival.

When I did a private browser and searched as a filter it came up with this "
“Self check-in - Easy access to the property once you arrive”

That really doesn’t say check in at any times, just easy access. I don’t think Airbnb is truly clear about this. (I removed the ethnic group comment because it really didn’t add to the conversation.)

@Lynick4442 It isn’t that a host can’t have a check-in window stated just because they offer self-check-in, of course you can.

It’s that when guests see self-check-in, they tend not to understand why it matters when they check in.

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