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Disrespect of the house rules

Hey, i have a guest that booked until the begin of November.

He is not respecting the house rules and making troubles for the other guests. how do i proceed?

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Please proceed with more details, then we might be able to advise you.

The guest booked a room from the 8.10.16 to 31.10.16
after few days, the other guests of the house reported strange behaviors from the last arrived.

He stayes awake all night long, cooking, making noice. The others can´t sleep and tried to handle him talking to him few times, this doesnt take nowhere.

They also surprised the person spitting up from the balchony many times during few hours. This is something i can´t tollerate and i m trying to understand what to do.
The other guests asked me to expell the last one because of his behaviour and not refound the fee that he paid. but i want to know what air bnb things about this case.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Matteo

The obvious move would be to call BNB and ask them to remove this guest.

Unfortunately as I mentioned when you posted on the BNB forum - your house rules are very lax and say nothing about noise, smoking, cleanliness, being a good room mate etc so this puts you in a more difficult position as he isn’t breaking house rules.

Tell BNB you and other BNB residents feel unsafe because of his behaviour. Any refund will be dealt with by BNB under the terms of the cancellation policy you set.

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Put a dead fish in the back of his dresser drawer.


Talk to the guest! TEll them that they have to respect the house rules or you’ll have to ask Airbnb to help them find another place to stay.

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He may be creepy, and uncouth, and a nuisance. But you don’t have any house rules written down – rules about quiet time, smoking, cooking, etc. So he is not breaking any rules.

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Technically no… But you don’t have to live with any guest who makes you uncomfortable.

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