Disgusting guest!

I had a very difficult and pretty disgusting guest. I’ve been lucky so far but this person must have some serious issues. She arrived a day early. I allowed her to stay and was very flexible throughout her 5 night stay. She didn’t ask but said on the last day: "I’ll be staying until 4; thought I’d let you know. The check out time is 11. I didn’t have another guest that day but wanted to get in to clean so I allowed her to stay until 1.30.
When I went in to see the space…OMG the bathroom was so dirty. This might be too much to hear but she had urinated all around the toilet. I was literally everywhere. I think she must have been standing up to pee as it was on the wall, in pools all around the base and on the inside of the toilet lid. I havn’t left a review yet and wanted some advice. This woman was a writer, about 55, attractive and looked impeccable. You can never tell!!

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Yuck! Sorry you had to deal with that. And announcing rather than asking about late checkout? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Yeah, please leave feedback so other hosts don’t have to deal with her!

I’d give her 1 star in cleanliness, thumbs down on recommend, and leave something in the review to the effect of “While guest was pleasant (something else nice?), the bathroom was left in an unhygienic and unacceptable state. I would not recommend her to other hosts”.

Some hosts feel weird calling guests out in the review; if that’s the case, you can also just say “better suited to a hotel.” The most important part is the thumbs down on recommendation - this will prevent her from re-booking with you or instant-booking with other hosts.


Count me as one who prefers reviews that are as specific as possible without public humiliation. She obviously has a physical or mental issue if she is not sitting on the toilet seat. I think she’s better suited for a hospital than a hotel.


The guest is not someone I’d want to host and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with her inconsiderate and quite outrageous arrival and departure details, never mind the bathroom mess.

Don the gloves, grab the disinfectant and paper towel, and pretend you’re cleaning up after a loved-one with physical and/or mental disabilities. And that we are all cheering you on…

Even when I’m cleaning up after a guest who has left the suite clean, my thoughts are with those who regularly clean public washrooms, and receive very little compensations for messes I don’t even want to imagine.

Allison_H has suggested an ideal review, to warn all of us:

[quote=“Allison_H, post:2, topic:17458”]“While guest was pleasant (something else nice?), the bathroom was left in an unhygienic and unacceptable state. I would not recommend her to other hosts”.


Thanks that’s really good advice. I had no idea the thumbs down meant they can’t re book you or instant booking with other hosts. I’m quite new to this having joined in June but am glad this guest, (Historical novelist!!!) is an exception. She seemed so selfish I doubt she’ll even bother to write an review anyway. She wouldn’t even bother to separate the trash and they’re quite strict here in Santa Fe about re cycling. I could go on… Anyway thanks again.

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Yes that’s just what I was thinking. I thought this must be how toilet cleaners must feel sometimes. I used to clean to make ends meet when I was a student but I never had to clean a toilet in this state. I have great rubber gloves with long sleeves thank goodness!

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She doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Arrived a day early, demanded late checkout, left a disgusting mess. "Can’t recommend, arrived a day early, delayed checkout without permission. Toilet, bathroom floor and walls required extensive cleaning. Didn’t follow recycling rules.


But the guest wasn’t pleasant at all

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I would not host this guest again. Her standard of clean does not live up to mine. She also expected to be able to arrive early and to leave late.
Says everything in as few words as possible.

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It doesn’t convey the disgusting state bathroom was left in.

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It’s odd how life is! I started hosting in June this year and had about 14 really pleasant and lovely guests. Then I get three bad ones in a row. One that was just very strange and wouldn’t leave until I literally went down into the apartment and started taking the lines away for washing. Another that I was referring to above who peed all over and around the toilet and now immediately after, another that broke all the rules. She had her family over to visit much of the time with children roaming around the garden and playing soccer. It states that its not a child friendly place as I have a dog that doesn’t like children. Then she doesn’t bother to keep recyclables separate when there are two bins and easy access right under the sink. Is it that hard? She was talking very loudly outside at 2am on the phone, so load it woke me. I’m not sure if it was her or the previous guest who broke the washing machine and there were blood stains on the mattress. I happened to notice as I turned the mattress and they were on the bottom. Accidents happen but there was no attempt to remove and she could have told me. The list goes on. I left quite a bit of food and drink for her (she ate it all) and I was very accomodating when she arrived very late also allowing her to stay and extra two hours on the last day. Not a single thanks. If all guests were like the last 3 I would stop hosting but luckily I made one friend so far and all the others were great.

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