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Discrimination and Belonging: What it Means for You

Any comments…??

""Discrimination and Belonging: What it Means for You

We are already under your heavy hand as far as cancellations are concerned - why on earth do you need more control?

Are you having reports of people being unfairly treated…?? I have been unfairly treated 2x by Airbnb and have never had a satisfactory response from Airbnb.

And now you want more control?? What is wrong with the review system? Or even the complaint system? It seems to me that you are just unable to either control your guests and or hosts due to the rapid expansion of Airbnb and your inability to just say no to people who are not up to a standard.

Maybe this would be OK in the USA but in other countries you may run into problems similar to UBER - you may not be aware of it but other countries have different laws and very different interpretations of US laws…

For example in some countries your hosts may be committing a crime if they allow same sex couples to share a room. In some countries it may be illegal for Christians to be accommodated under the same roof as Muslims. …

So my recommendation would be to rethink this idea that you can control all you hosts and travelers and rely on the review system - it is the most effective form of control as it is up to the individual and not the faceless Airbnb…""

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Not this again.

If discrimination was so common sense and a non-issue there wouldn’t be laws against it. Airbnb need to be seen to put policies in place that show they are doing what they can to make it as inclusive as possible.

I support all they’re trying to do.

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