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Discount seekers


Yes, most definitely. I inspect and do the things that weren’t done. But I inspect after my housekeepers, too. All it takes is one oversight by a housekeeper or a guest to garner a bad review. So I’m diligent.


Speaking of cleaning. This morning I had guest I could hear sneezing. It sounded vigorous not so covered. Time to wash the walls but no time today before the next guest. At least I hope it was allergies and not something contagious.


(I’m reviving an old thread rather than making a new one on the same topic.)

Has there been a surge in guests feeling entitled to haggle, or is it just my luck?

My city is almost completely booked this weekend due to a conference. I had a last minute cancellation, so I am the only host with an open room under $200 a night anywhere remotely near downtown. Yet, I’ve had two people message me today asking for a discount. One asking me to price-match where she normally stays (which is over course booked). The other completely low-balling me, asking me to wave my cleaning fee and slash my price by 33%.

I had a guest last week asking me to wave the cleaning fees, AND the taxes and AirBnB fees (she complained all the extra fees were too high). Like I have control over the Tax & AirBnB fees!

The two different inquiring guests basically named their budget wanted me to lower my price so that the fees and taxes would fall within it. I find this an odd thing to ask!

I am not giving in to the discount seekers. I know from you all that they are picky guests who leave less than five-stars. However, I was still insulted that TWO different groups low-balled me when I’m pretty much the only option if they don’t want to stay in the suburbs or a dorm.


Minutes after I posted this, someone Instant Booked at my asking price. I am so glad I declined the discount seekers!


When I get a last minute cancellation I either enjoy the night off or RAISE the price. Something to consider depending on your needs.


From the guest point of view - maybe they have an accommodation budget from their employers and anything over has to come from their pocket?


No need to get insulted by it. Just decline and move on.


You have a budget and you have a budget and you have a budget…I don’t get offended at discounts. Just say no and hope it was an inquiry not a booking request since we are penalized for declines.


If they inquire or do a booking request, I accept at my asking price, and let them decline/cancel. I know we are counted on declines now, so I try to make sure it is the guests who choose not to book rather than me clicking the decline button.


Kinda like this one…?
This guest’s inquiry was for a month and maybe more and was already set to receive a 25%… I’ve redacted some info to preserve anonymity. She had just joined Airbnb, so didn’t yet have any reviews.

“Hi: Hope you are amazing! I was just offered a position … in San Francisco… decided to take the leap and move after going through a separation from hubby… I am a home owner, responsible, non smoker and very clean. I treat your home like its mine. Love people and super easy to get along with. I may want to stay with you for two months instead of one… Whats your address or let me know how far to SF. Finally I am not renting my own home …which means I have to pay a mortgage as well. Is there any way you could drop the price…(here she basically asks for an additional 15% off for a grand total - 40% discount) I’d be a great guest, long term and a wonderful addition to the house. I would be exceedingly grateful Have an amazing and fabulous evening. L-”

My response… and I’ve never replied with so much detail before…

“…Congratulations on your new job - how exciting! (redacted) As a homeowner, you will understand that I also have a mortgage to pay. Additionally, I was in a major accident earlier this month and my vehicle was totaled, so I now have a car payment for the first time in 13 years. My rates for long term stays are lower than the majority of comparable rooms available in the area… A discount of 24% has applied to your dates and then, of course, Airbnb takes a percentage. I would be happy to host your stay. Unfortunately, I am not able to offer an additional 16% discount… - K”

Her comments simply set me off! (You may pick up on some of the other things that might be bothersome) I may have also been suffering stress and shock from the accident, but when she tried to demonstrate that she deserved a discount so she could pay HER mortgage, I REALLY found it annoying!


Of Course - all landlords are independently wealthy and have no bills to pay and of course we leech of tenants and drain them dry!
This is why i short term let because I am over long term tenants and their crappy attitudes and after being to court 5 times last year with violent hoarders, I NEVER WANT A LONG TERM TENANT AGAN!


Amen to that! My listing explictly says my garage isn’t available for guest use yet I had an inquiry this week asking about it. Someone is moving and has a truck load of stuff. Outside of a garage I may have the safest Airbnb parking in town because it’s off street in front of the house and well lighted. But I understand why you wouldn’t want a open truck bed piled with things sitting out but your stuff isn’t worth more than my stuff and at under $50 why should I be inconvenienced? Funny though, if she had shown that she had read my full listing and worded the request differently she could have gotten a yes. Something like: “I read where your garage isn’t available due to using it for your dog boarding but we are moving and will have a loaded pickup truck. I was wondering if you would consider letting us park it in your garage for an extra $xx for the night.” I could have even offered backing it up near the house with a light shining right on the back but didn’t offer due to being annoyed.


Dang! Have you posted the story here? I’d be interested in your story of how you finally rid yourself of the hoarders.

Yikes! Sounds like a red flag. I had a tenant when I first bought my house who was supposed to rent a room for a month and then empties her storage unit into my garage. She ended up staying about six months.


I looked back at the three different discount seekers from April, and they don’t have any other reviews from that month, so I guess they weren’t able to find any last minute low-ball accommodations.


Or they were mutual non-reviewers with the hosts?

No, it was just a one night stay for someone moving. I understand that when you are moving and have an open pickup truck loaded with stuff that you’d like to put it in garage. It just doesn’t work well for me to allow us of it. It they are in my garage then they can be in the rest of my house and then I have to make sure I’m home watching them due to the dogs. At less than $50 a night, it’s not worth it. There are entire homes some with garages for around $70 a night here, maybe they were able to get one of those.


Well this was a first!
IB with a 2 night booking. Check the booking to find it is for ONE guest. The accompanying message TELLS me that he is bringing TWO more adults and THREE children as he thinks the price is high enough for one. My response was to send an alteration to include the extras and an explanation regarding insurance etc. He promptly declines the alteration, and sends s message saying that the booking for 1 was all he could afford and I should be grateful that he is booking empty nights.
Thank goodness I got a plugged in CS on the phone, she read the messages and said… if he doesn’t want to pay the correct price - would you be happy to cancel penalty free. Thank you and good bye to that entitled jerk!


An extra star for being upfront about his plan. And a 5 star deduction for being an entitled jerk.
If you can’t afford travel, just stay home, go for a walk in the park or in the woods and enjoy life that way ! OMG !


Ha! I’m going to try this at the supermarket next time I’m buying groceries - “I’m going to give you $10 for these groceries because it’s all I can afford and you should be grateful that I’m shopping here”.

Just imagine if we tried that in any walk of life at all.


Sigh, must be the season - can we rent 1 night for $100 we are very clean ($230 with cleaning)

Can we rent your $1100 per week place for $400. We think we will need it for 8 weeks, we only want to pay weekly and we may leave early. We don’t like where we are staying!
(Was getting $375 a week LTR with no furniture or services!)

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