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Discount seekers


Yes, I have definitely used the policy. I’ve only had a dozen or so takers, but those who accepted really appreciated it. Even though it’s rarely used, I think having this policy does some important things: 1) it gives me a response to discount requests that hardly anyone could find offensive, 2) it spares me from saying “no” (because the ball is in their court), 3) it reinforces the notion of fairness between guest/host vs exploitation, 4) it weeds out the people who really need a discount vs those who seek to take advantage, and 5) when it’s accepted, it helps me out. At first, I gave the discount at booking. But after one guy flaked on his agreement, I decided to apply it on their last day. I think it’s worth experimenting with offers that help you in the ways you need (e.g. early checkouts).


I also have also had a 4% discount at times for people who mention specific house rules in their initial inquiry (incentive to read the house rules). When I offer that, I say in the first paragraph: “Read the house rules; there are discounts offered in them.” This has helped me get people to read the rules.


@AmyB, yours is a great idea. I love the thought of discounting based on reciprocity.


What about life coaches on transformational journeys or entitled teenagers back packing who don’t want to work or study?


@AmyB Wow! You have some great ideas! Thank you for sharing. I especially like the discount for reading the house rules.

I have offered a discount for guests who are willing to leave the house as they found it and I give them my cleaning check list that we follow between groups. The rebate would also be given upon inspection at the end.

Nobody has taken me up on it. When they see what is involved they realize they don’t want to end their holiday with a bunch of work to do. But they like being given the option to have that discounted price within their control.


I really question this on several levels. There are many of us here who see the ‘cleaning fee’ as being a ‘preparation fee’ rather than the cost of cleaning after a guest. Guests who have looked at the Airbnb FAQ know that they are expected to ‘leave the place as they found it’.

Does this mean that guests who don’t get a discount can leave the place in a mess? I wonder if the discount-for-cleaning is encouraging bad behaviour from guests? And guests are expected to keep the place clean despite discounts.


Yah I am not really on board with this idea either. In theory it’s okay, but remember guests think of themselves as customers, and customers are always right. I don’t think they would imagine themselves in the position of making compromises.

I think they may agree to reciprocate and then conveniently forget all about it.

I think when a deal is made for a room, it should be all fixed and set before they arrive. Otherwise the stay becomes nebulous. As a guest I would personally find that annoying.


Refusing to give a bigger discount probably saved me the other day. A young man needed a place to stay for 5 weeks while finishing a local trade school because his parents, who live in the area, were “remodeling” and didn’t have room for him. I give 5% for people that stay longer than a week automatically through IB but he wanted more. Fortunately, he moved on when I wouldn’t go lower.


@mholidayoj Wow sounds fab can you let us have a link?


All of my guests are expected to leave the room basically tidy: waste in the bins, etc. The discount for cleaning is not about leaving the room as they found it. The checklist for the discount is: strip linens/blankets from bed and put them and the towels in a provided laundry bag, remake bed with provided linens/blankets, remove trash to outside waste bins, dust/clean all surfaces with provided cleaning supplies, sweep room. I doubt the ordinary guest does a thorough cleaning like that. Hope this helps.


None of my guests who negotiated for the discount/trade have been annoyed; they have been appreciative. I offer it only to folks who seem legitimately in need of a discount and likely unwilling or unable to choose my pace otherwise. It helps them and it helps me. They pay the full price, in advance. If they complete the room cleaning/prep checklist, they get a specific rebate. If they do other tasks on my list, they get a specific rebate. It’s up to them what they do/don’t do. The folks who request the trade discount are typically young folks who appreciate the break. Anyway, I’m not here to try to promulgate my system. It works for me, and other hosts will do what works for them.


@AmyB - how do you decide who is legitimately in need of a discount?


I agree BUT they rarely do! Most of mine are :pig: and don’t use the super expensive bed new drawers and robe I bought but rather throw their :poop: Everywhere! Arrrgh


Almost all of my guests do what you mentioned without prompting. (Apart from the details in the house manual which only about 35% of guests read).

So yes, as far as I am concerned, guest do remove trash, dust surfaces, put towels in the laundry basket and sweep etc. They often also repair or improve things - such as a recent guest who asked for a screwdriver to fix the doorknob which was loose - and he left a great review.

So I’m afraid that I still can’t agree with giving guests a discount for doing what Airbnb guests are expected to do. Sorry.


I guess that I’m lucky! I’ve no idea why though :slight_smile:


Super interesting approach. Most of my guests though leave the room super spotless and I didn’t have to give a rebate for it!


I have a lot of very young people, most never lived outside of home before, and first time ABB people, plus usually always groups of 2-3 so I think that’s why. Small space = mess for a group and maybe one is tidy but I can’t see it. They are super good with the kitchen and bathroom though & I just mop and sweep every night now to save myself the angst of crumbs on the floor even though they are not my crumbs.

My current guests, who are also very tidy, were supposed to be checking out tomorrow but extended 2 days & I’m in hospital and they offered to clean the whole house & walk the dog & even visit me! Of course I said no but how nice is that! 2 lovely Irish :four_leaf_clover: nurses.


No one on the forum needs to apologize for doing things differently, or for disagreeing, as long as they’re polite and respectful of others. I’ve been at this for six years, 5-star reviews across the board, Superhost x 5 years, return guests almost every day, 6-rooms in the property, almost always booked up, so I know well what works for me in my situation. I’m sure you know what works well for you in your situation. That’s part of the beauty of Airbnb. We each have our own micro-enterprise and we run it as we see fit. And when we have a question or need new ideas, we can come here and see how others do it. It’s a very helpful resource that way. IMHO, it’s more helpful to see everyone’s ideas and hear why/how they work for them, ask questions to learn more, etc., than to debate the merits of other host’s ideas when we are not walking in their shoes. Best of luck!


That’s great. Yes, most of mine leave things tidy, too. But they do not strip and remake the bed, use spray cleaner to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces, sweep/vacuum, dust inside the lampshades, behind/under the beds, and the other steps in my checklist. I have high standards of cleanliness that go beyond things looking tidy. Anyway, thank you for sharing your views and experiences. That’s what makes this forum useful.


Amy, this isn’t a criticism… just a question. Do you find you have to “inspect” their work afterwards? One time I had a same day turnover and left my son to do the main work. Well… he tried… but needless to say, I had to basically do everything over. :slight_smile: my ginormous king size bed has to be made just right, otherwise it looks messy. Just curious how much of the time your folks actually do a really good job. And you withhold the rebate until inspection? :smiley: Speaking for myself, I might want to pay a little more and enjoy my vacation rather than make beds and dust. But as I say, that’s super interesting, and kudos to you if you get it to work and you are happy with the results. :smiley:

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