Discount requests and guests naming their price?!?!

Between myself and my parents we run three airbnb’s the properties range from cheap’n’cheerful through to a higher-end property. They are all priced very differently and accordingly, and attract very different guests.

We have however over the last 6-months had constant enquiries for the higher end property that go along the lines of “we love the look of your property it looks amazing…but we’d like to only pay $X for it…and pay cash to you directly not pay through airbnb”. Its annoying as our cheap property is often available for the same dates for the price they are wanting to pay.

Since when did airbnb become a haggling system…surely the same people wouldn’t call a motel and try this!!! Anyone noticed an increase in this happening?

Simple solution…Decline…

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You can also report these guests to Airbnb. They are not supposed to use the site to make cash transactions.


Oh yes they do!

Sometimes it’s a cultural thing. Sometimes it’s an occupational hazard. (For instance, antique dealers haggle as second nature :wink: ) And there are many daft blogs and travel sites out there that suggest that we should always try to get a better deal on accommodation.

It happens in just about every walk of life, I sometimes think!

Decline and ignore.

I usually tell them politely that our rentals are fabulous value for money and that we’re priced competitively. I thank them for their inquiry. Privately my thoughts are nothing like as polite as that :slight_smile:


Decline and report. I recently saw an Airbnb where the superhost with dozens of reviews said in his listing something to the effect of: let us know if our price doesn’t suit you and we will try to work with you. :rage:

So it’s not just new hosts pricing too low and Airbnb pushing us to lower our prices it’s also our fellow hosts who want a booking at any cost. He’s probably a retired used car salesman.

As Airbnb becomes more popular we are going to get more problematic guests.


If I wrote my resume (which would probably take many many hours) I’d have to include antique dealer and used car salesperson in the list :slight_smile:


I just had someone inquire for some prime summer dates. Our unit is about 2 miles from the cruise terminal. They wanted to know, since they got in (from sea) so early could they store their luggage until check in and “how will they get from the terminal to the unit”? Then also asked, since they are taking a red eye the next night, can we store their luggage until their flight and “how will they get from the unit to the airport”? The way they worded it I got the impression they were fishing for an offer to be picked up from the cruise terminal and possibly driven to the airport. I told them the cruise terminal offers luggage storage until 3:30, and the best way to get here was by Uber, Lyft, or taxis which would be plentiful at the ship’s arrival time. I did offer to possibly store their luggage on checkout day but it depended on timing as we would have to plan around the luggage hand off and again suggested Uber Lyft or taxi to the airport. I never heard from them again.
I really think people are reading on forums or hearing from other people to haggle about price or to try and get extras. I’m not that desperate for business that I’m going to bend over backwards or cut my rate. These types of people really irritate me. They should just pay the extra $200 or more and book a hotel.


Yeah haggling is annoying. I would, however, accept a direct booking from a returning guest. If I know they are a good guest I’m ok with cutting out all the fee’s for them and me.


This isn’t a returning guest.

If a repeat guest wanted to haggle with me though that wouldn’t sit well with me. I’d certainly entertain booking directly and since the guest pays most of the fees that should be enough of a savings. I had a woman book 10 3 day stays with me last year. After the third stay I suggested she pay me directly, to which she agreed. Then when I sent her what the amount was she questioned it and then didn’t pay before she arrived. That really had me wondering if I should have bothered. I had to explain the charges and why I expected payment in advance of arrival and the remaining stays were without incident.

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Actually… did you know you can haggle with hotels?

I’ve just entered this scenario with someone booking last week and travels often to my area. After her booking she suggested to me (not on the airbnb site but my personal email) that she’d love to continue booking with me personally and avoid the Airbnb fees.

My response was that I’m only comfortable booking on the platform. For all the worries and struggles people report with Airbnb paying out on crappy guests imagine having someone pay you through paypal and then trashing your place or taking all your stuff!!! There’s no documentation or insurance.

I will not book off the platform. I’m insured on my own but that extra is something Airbnb offers as reconciliation and documention, and it’s all on the up and up.

If you rent to someone independently and they screw your place up, you’re screwed.


@lisavanahn -
Lots and lots of people booked “directly” before there was AirBnB. Back then, we took care of ourselves, and wrote contracts and had the guest sign the contract. We would take and hold a security deposit, and we were cautious but not perpetually scared. We actually called the guest (or they called us) and talked to them before we booked them! If they didn’t like us, or we didn’t like them, the booking didn’t go through.

We still take direct bookings, even for a first booking. And have a four-page rental contract. I personally don’t appreciate the “nanny state” that AirBnB has created. Their children (guests) have gotten spoiled, and owners have become paranoid.


Here is a name your price!
A lawyer has moved to town and wants to rent my 2 bed unit that is $125 a night or $750 a week for $250 a week. I was getting $ 280 as a LTR. I said sorry nope and he started bleating about all his other bills (!!!). Am I supposed to feel sorry for him… would love to have some massive lawyers bill to pay and offer the group he is working for 1/3 on the dollar…i can guess just how far that would go.


I always report them right away to airbnb when they do that.

I have done the deposit/contract thing and it’s a time wasting hassle, especially for short stays. Also Airbnb gives exposure and support. Nothing’s perfect but life’s a lot easier with airbnb than without!


@Jess1 - Good point. We have a large property, rent it to one group at a time, charge a pretty high price, and most of our guests stay six or more nights. I can see that doing a contract and a security deposit for a $40-a-night room for a one-night stay would be extremely inconvenient.
In fact, that’s why AirBnB was started in the first place - that make that place easy to rent.

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I would pre approve, does not happen that often and have never had one book.

I usually will take repeat booking direct, if they are new to me and contact me through ABB then they book through ABB.

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